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We Want To Know Where Bea Benedicto Is Working Out

Weightlifting Bea Bee?
by John Paulo Aguilera | Mar 11, 2017
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Since she graced our pages in September last year, Bea Benedicto's social media accounts have been a must-visit. Whether its for her wacky side or unbridled cuteness, the Internet darling never fails to beguile her thousands of followers, us included.

Recently, we couldn't help but notice a new type of content dominating her feed—particularly on Instagram—aside from her lookbook moments and the only tolerable duck face this side of the nation.

It appears that Bea has been putting in work and hitting the weight room, more frequently after Kontrabando ended. And judging by her progress photos, she is taking this seriously and not just in it for the gym selfies.


Watching her sweat it out and lift like there's no tomorrow (kinda) convinced us to get our butts off in front of the computer and do some light stretching. Actually, scratch that. Where exactly do you train, Bea?

We're not the only ones wondering: how does she manage to push herself and stay adorable at the same time? Until we find out Bea's secret, expect us to keep on double tapping and bookmarking those posts.

What about a second appearance?


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