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Surfer Girls Who Know How To Take Advantage Of The Hot Weather

Where do we get surfing lessons?
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Sep 2, 2018
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It’s supposed to be the rainy season right now, but there’s no trace of any cold and wet weather anywhere. To be honest, we think it’s gotten even hotter this time. But then again, that might not be the weather at all, but these gorgeous babes who are taking advantage of the prolonged sunny season.

And what better way to make the most out of this weather than to spend some warm and fun time at the beach? When you think of the beach, you usually think of bikinis and surfing. Well, we’ve got some ladies over here that rock their swimsuits as good as they ride (or at least carry) their boards.

Kelsey Merritt

Kelsey can do any pose on any object and she’d still be shoot-worthy.

Rachel Peters

This is how you carry a surfboard like a beauty queen. Preach, Rachel!

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Sam Pinto

Sam doesn’t have her own resort for nothing. If you have that, wouldn’t you surf all day every day, too?

Mara Lopez

Mara will always be the crush of indie film buffs. 

Danika Nemis

This woman was meant for the beach. Enough said.

Chie Filomeno

Chie can’t just make swimsuits even hotter than they already are, she can make surfing more fun than it already is as well.

Andi Eigenmann

Andi has found her safe haven outside the city and it shows!

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