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The Hottest Pinay Vloggers Right Now

Can you feature us in one of your videos?
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Sep 25, 2018
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Vloggers have taken over the interwebz (specifically YouTube) over the past decade and we have no complaints whatsoever. Bringing in a different type of way to inform and entertain, vlogging has turned into a cultural phenomenon that most people are trying to get in on the game.

What makes vlogging different from blogging is, well, its medium. While blogging is done through mostly writing and photography, vlogging takes things a step further. When you vlog, you become vulnerable because you put yourself out there (plus, videos can be very unforgiving), without hiding behind the comfort of a keyboard. In a way, it’s turning yourself into a celebrity—all eyes are on you, and you have to be careful (but also witty) with what you say and do.

But these women seem to have got it all figured out. Despite having different styles and different topics in their vlogs, they all have one thing in common: they always look gorgeous doing it.

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Rei Germar

Rei doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to her vlogging. She travels a lot and buys whatever she wants to buy and shares it with her loyal followers. She has a unique way of making viewers feel like they are part of her life. 

Janina Vela

Janina is one of the most down-to-earth vloggers right now, and we love her so much for it. She’s not the typical beauty and fashion and travel vlogger—she tries out different things and uses funny sketches to tell her stories. Aside from vlogging, Janina also makes her own music and sings very well. 

Haley Dasovich

You’re absolutely right if you’re thinking Haley is the sister of FHM Hero Wil Dasovich. And just like her brother, Haley thrives when she's experiencing the new. And there’s just some indescribable charisma about her that makes you want to watch more of her and her adventures. Plus, it feels like it would be amazing to be friends with her IRL—she’s that approachable-looking.

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Alodia Gosiengfiao

From one Dasovich to a future Dasovich (we're rooting for ya, Wil!), we have the Queen of Cosplay, Alodia Gosiengfiao. Alodia is a competitive gamer and geek goddess who knows her stuff. The former FHM cover girl loves (more like, stans hard for) her fandoms, and this is what makes her stand out!

Angel Dei

Well, we all know about Angel Dei. If you don’t, you really need to do some serious evaluation of your life. Who doesn’t know this perky young lady who shares her life hacks and skin care routines? She also does challenges on her channel as well as taking us with her when she travels. Plus, her IG is super fly. When can we meet you in person, Angel? 


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