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Behind-The-Scenes At Emmanuelle Vera's Cover Shoot

This Golden Indie Goddess proves that 'Once an artist, always an artist'
by Chise Alcantara | Jan 30, 2017
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The sun was barely up when the team arrived at Casa San Pablo, the venue for Emmannuelle Vera’s cover shoot, but we could already tell this one was going to be fun. Stepping into its premises felt like being warped into an acoustic country music video, complete with handcrafted knickknacks, white gazebos, and flowers literally hanging from every wall. It felt like a place where even our wildest dreams could come true—a perfectly picturesque setting for our dream girl, Emman.

While watching one half of our February covergirl pair pose for our photographer Artu Nepomuceno, we thought that if we didn't know that she was having a photo shoot, a beauty like her could probably be mistaken for a few things: 1) The next runaway Disney princess; 2) A Greek goddess sent from the heavens; 3) Someone who had a photo shoot at five, but had to tame the dragons a few pesky dragons at six. Above all, we were aware that we were witnessing an artist at work.

Emman started her showbiz career at the early age of 13, and since then, she’s tried multiple mediums of performance like singing, dancing, acting, hosting, and modeling, slowly but surely building up her repertoire as an artist. And that experience manifested itself through the way she projected herself. She wasn’t the teenybopper who used to dance and sing on ASAP, or the one that played kontrabida to Sarah Geronimo on 1DOL—she was an artist with her own motivations, slowly creating her own brand.


You’re probably wondering why such a beautiful and promising artist wasn’t on your radar till recently when she starred in the indie film Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa. It’s probably because she took a hiatus from major projects. “After working so much as a teenager, I just needed to step back these past couple of years by only taking a couple of projects and just focusing on myself and the things that make me happy like being with my family and friends—I actually got to spend time with people that I didn’t work with, ha ha!” says Emman.

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But we guess you can consider this Emman’s return to her mainstream roots and she’s more excited than ever to show you what she has in store. “So many artists do their own music now and they’ve broken into the mainstream just because of their amazing talent. I think if you just keep making quality music and consistently promote and create new stuff, someone will eventually take notice.”

And boy, this girl made everyone notice her in a major way.

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Check out the rest of Emman's photos below:

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Photographer Artu Nepomuceno
  Stylist Meg Manzano  Associate Stylist Ara Nepomuceno  Makeup Anthea Bueno  Hair Iwa Ajinomoto



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