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Behind-The-Scenes At Julz Savard's FHM Cover Shoot

Sharing a hotel room with a rockstar has never been so fun
by Chise Alcantara | Jan 31, 2017
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It was about nine in the morning when the crew finished the equipment setup in the booked hotel room. Julz Savard told us she was coming in a bit late—we get it, rockstars don’t typically rock during this time of the day. But between worrying whether she would trash the accommodations a la The Who or would even show up at all, most of us really didn’t know what to expect. While FHM has worked with Julz in the past, most of the members of this team were relatively new. A few minutes later, we hear a knock on the door and this tall drink of a woman barges in without any makeup on, in just a shirt and tattered shorts. She grins at us, apologizing for getting lost—not exactly how we pictured things going.

We always have this nervous yet exciting feeling every time we put a relatively new face on our cover. It takes a special kind of woman to be worthy of an FHM stint, and usually we would know if she's deserving once she enters the room. Maybe we had set our expectations too high? Even Julz was wondering why we picked her: “I mean, why me? You guys just featured all of these popular celebs. Who the hell am I?” she asks, joking around with our makeup artist.

But as usual, in tremendous fashion, Julz blew us away off the bat, channeling a sort of grungy sensuality we wouldn’t have imagined coming from the person who came in a few hours ago. It turned out that all Julz needed to rock our socks off was a few lights pointed at her and a stage to call her own. We should’ve have expected it though, after all, Julz does have a knack for exceeding everyone’s expectations.

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A few years ago, Julz formed Save Me Hollywood with a few of her friends. Being a redhead then and having a similar sound to Paramore, it didn’t take a lot for people to strike comparison between Julz and vocalist Hayley Williams. Julz didn’t let herself be boxed in with other so-called “Paramore Copies.” She developed her own sound and brand called SIXX, featuring a more electronic versatility to her music. She has also ventured into acting through risque theatre productions like 50 Shades! The Musical Parody, and the independent film, Ninja Party.

This girl was meant to be on the stage with the whole world watching. Seeing her bring back the grit FHM was known for back in the day really left us hopeful for women who are willing to go against the current and shock everyone with their own understanding of rock and roll. “The whole [concept] of sex, drugs, and rock and roll still applies today...maybe not the drugs, but the rock and roll? Hell, yeah. Women shouldn’t feel objectified in the world of music. If anything, we are the sex, we are the drugs, we are the rock and roll.” Usually, we would say, “Please Julz, never change.” But we’re actually way too excited for how this bombshell will blow people’s minds in the future.

When you’re done rocking out with Julz, why not take notice of all the other awesome features we have in this issue. Want to know how to love like the animal you are? We have our Primal Love feature. Chow down on delicacies from all over the globe with our Around the World Eats, and learn how to Lose Jobs and Alienate People (or actually how to avoid doing all that). 

Check out the rest of Julz's photos below:

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Photographer Shaira Luna
  Stylist Zoe Laurente and Andie Javelosa  Makeup Ria Aquino  Hair Rhoy Cervantes


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