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Behind-The-Scenes At Nicole Asensio's Cover Shoot

This sultry performer deserves an encore
by Chise Alcantara | Sep 3, 2017
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You’ve never experienced eerie quiet till you’ve tried setting up a photo shoot inside an empty nightclub. It felt surreal knowing that posh people were just partying here at Chaos Manila, just the night before—their inebriated energy still in the air. The team was waiting for Nicole Asensio to finish changing into her first outfit, and honestly, the team was a bit anxious since we were down one guy, that particular guy being our art director, JL, due to an unfortunate bike accident (get well soon, bro). A shoot with no direction? That seemed like fun; but we were determined to make this happen.

The whole team was hyping each other up for the challenging day ahead, but as luck would have it, we were fortunate enough to be working with a real professional. As soon as Nicole walked onto the stage, all the tension just seemed to dissipate and was replaced by awe; as we saw a vision of poise and beauty walk onto our humble stage—that was when we knew that the show was about to begin.

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It surprised us when we Nicole told us that even a seasoned performer like her, who has been on-stage and in the limelight for nearly her entire life was prone to stage fright. “I don’t care if there are two people or 20,000 people in the audience—I’m a nervous wreck before any show,” she admits. “I’ll probably be pacing back and forth in some dark hallway near the stage, trying to psyche myself out. If it gets really bad, I’ll have a beer or whiskey just to calm my nerves.”

Many people know Nicole Asensio as the frontwoman of the all-female rock band General Luna and as the great granddaughter of former Philippine President, Jose P. Laurel, but only a few people know what she’s actually like in person. It’s easy to forget that beyond the fame and prestige that comes with her name is a real person who’s trying to find her voice now that she’s ready to venture forward as a solo artist.

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“When I did the whole rock thing, it was an issue about me losing my voice. So we used the term 'schizoprano' to refer to classical singers who would dabble in other genres in terms of vocals,” Nicole says. “There were a lot of itches that I got to scratch with that album. I was able to revisit my roots, which is classical. I tried to incorporate my comfort zone, which is rock. I also tried something new, which is jazz. I guess what I’m trying to grow into is a more versatile performer who isn’t afraid to experiment, collaborate, and create.”

Hopefully, this isn’t the last time we work together on something because even though she has already accomplished so much in life, from what we saw, she still has so much to offer. So better hold on to your seats, gents, Nicole is just getting started.

Apart from Nicole’s exciting FHM cover debut, we’ve gone a ton of firsts in this issue that we’re dying to share with you. Ever been to a Gentlemen’s Club? Well our greenhorn gimikero hasn’t been either so why don’t you experience his new and eventful journey with him? Since we just realized that the female photographers we usually worked with were actually as good looking and talented at modeling as our other models we had an ingenious idea to have them shoot each other! Take some lasting photos of Andrea Beldua and Mandy Martinez in this month’s Verge Babe: POV Edition. Are those Christmas bells we here? Of course it is! Christmas in the Philippines is just around the corner and we all know that it wouldn’t be complete without our exclusive feature with Jose Mari Chan himself. All this and so much more in our exciting September Issue. Happy Holidays!

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