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What Do Men Think About The Latest Bikini Trends

Listen up ladies!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Mar 21, 2016
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Bikini season is just around the corner—if it isn't here already!

We know you're as excited as we are to head to the beach and spot stunning women wearing skimpy outfits. Will there be more women sporting the one-piece or the two-piece this year? Because we can no longer wait to find out, we've decided to check the latest swimwear trends over Instagram.

We wonder what our bros think about these revealing cuts. Here's what they said:

"As a guy, seeing girls wear this kind of swimsuit is really sexy. It tells me that she's a cool girl who doesn't shy away from trying out new things." — JB, 19

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"A little sideboob never hurts. More and more girls are going for this look, and we're not complaining. You don't have to do too much to make a statement." Mikey, 23

"A girl wearing this kind of swimsuit shows off her more fashionable side while showcasing her best asset, her abs. I assume those who'll wear this kind of swimsuit are those who are confidently sexy." —Wayne, 32

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"Simple, sexy, and stunning. Ito yung kind ng beach outfit that would make me stop to stare." —Paul, 24

"A girl who wears this kind of swimwear says: 'I'm confident and fun enough to show off a little extra skin.'" —Obar, 24

"This kind of swimwear radiates sexiness. If I see one, I'll definitely stop to stare, but I won't have the guts to approach her kasi it's kind of revealing din. She might misinterpret my friendliness." —Josheff, 21

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"I think it's sexy even if she's not showing a lot of skin. The curves have been emphasized and I like it." —Ray, 28

"One word: fashionable." —Ash, 25

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"Swimsuits this skimpy aren't for everybody, but if you've got the curves and the confidence, then do it by all means. You'll turn more than a few heads with this outfit." —Miguel, 23

"Looks so complicated. Feels so uncomfortable. This is something I would definitely not ask my girlfriend to wear." —Ken, 26

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"A girl wearing this knows she's sexy—the type who knows that showing off skin doesn't mean baring everything. She's probably a toughie to flirt with as well." —Joseph, 32


Photos via Cesa, Beyond The Beach, Eighth Mermaid, I Love Koi, MMM Swimwear, Holy Swim, Bikini, and A Bikini A Day Instagram accounts

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