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Behind-The-Scenes At Debbie Garcia And Angel Yap’s December Cover

They're here to spread some holiday cheer
by Chise Alcantara | Dec 7, 2017
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We know, we’ve used the phrase “like you’ve never seen her before” countless of times in the past when describing our cover girls, and in our defense, we weren’t lying. We truly believe whenever a woman decides that she wants to be on our cover, it’s really her just breaking out of her shell and exploring a part of her people aren’t used to seeing. And we think that this phrase best describes our two cover girls, Angel Yap and Debbie Garcia, the best, both being recognizable faces and names, but have yet shown the world what they are capable of.

We all know Angel as the Pastillas Girl, who made her viral Internet debut with her “Kung Paano Gumawa ng Pastillas” hugot video, which ultimately got her featured in ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime. Apart from the short time she was on the show giving out love advice while trying to find a new guy for herself the public never really got to know Angel. Few people know how easy and fun she is to talk to. Case in point, how our conversation went when we asked her if she wanted to be on our cover.

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Despite what other people might say about her, Angel seems like an okay gal to us. She’s beautiful, easy to get along with, and brings a different kind of energy to any room she enters. Her presence demands your attention and she has the really that extroverted personality that’s willing to share any interesting tidbit she thinks of, which made for an interesting and very comprehensive interview.

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It was our first time working with Angel so we didn’t know what to expect, but we’ve known Debbie for a while now, we’ve worked on a gravure book with her and even a cover recreation featured in our FHM XV anniversary issue. We knew she deserved to be on our cover and we just had to find the right moment for her cover debut and it just so happened that these girls made the perfect pair. Not only did they compliment each other’s hotness, they happened to actually be really close friends (which you can probably tell from the photos).

“I made the decision to go to college to become a flight attendant because I wanted to travel the world. The thing is, matigas yung ulo ko. I never stopped dreaming about seeing myself acting. So when the opportunity came, I grabbed it. I’m still holding onto it now and my hopes are high! I know God will give it to me at the right time,” Debbie says. And it’s the perfect time to get to know these girls a lot more because we’re definitely expecting awesome things from them. 

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These girls definitely ended the year on a good note, but don’t think the goodies you’ll find in our December issue stop there. Take a look at all the gifts we suggested you guys buy for your friends (or yourself)—from board games to legit AF jerseys, you’ll definitely find something that’ll tickle your fancy.

Though tickling sensations aren’t all good, especially if you come down with a bad case of gout attack! Understand how young men live through life like they’re walking on broken glass.

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Happy holidays from the FHM Team!

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