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Behind-The-Scenes At The 'Bubble Gang' Girls' November 2017 Cover Shoot

We get to live out every man’s fantasy of being invited to a sexy all-girl sleepover and every moment blew our minds
by Chise Alcantara | Oct 28, 2017
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The peculiar thing about how this shoot came about was, the idea for these girls to get shot together didn’t come from us—rather, the girls actually thought of this one themselves!

We were disappointed that we didn't cook up this idea first, or rather, we didn’t think it was possible so good thing the girls proved us wrong. After seeing how excited they were to have the shoot, who were we to deny these wonderful women of their wishes? So one of the biggest cover shoots in FHM history was finally set.

Since we seldom (See: never) get invited to girls’ slumber parties, we really don’t have anything to compare this experience to. But we dare boldly claim this was probably the best slumber party in the history of mankind (despite there being no actual sleeping over done during the shoot).

Just seeing a glimpse of how Arny Ross, Arra San Agustin, Chariz Solomon, Denise Barbacena, Lovely Abella, Jackie Rice, Kim Domingo, and Valeen Montenegro are like when they let their hair down, get into more comfortable garments, and crawl into a bed beside one another after a long day at work made the moments we witnessed in this shoot incomparable.

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What was different about working with these group of women was how comfortable they were with each other. We’ve never seen women pressure other women to remove more of their clothing to make the photos look sexier, or know which name to single out when one of them farts. There was a closeness among these girls that was so strange yet natural.

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“Well sa Bubble Gang kasi para lang kaming naglalaro eh. Parang ito talaga kami. So hindi ko masasabing trabaho ang Bubble Gang. Kung papaano kami on and off cam, ganun ka-kakulit. Pero siyempre yung shift nun, pag soap na, may character kang bini-build eh. Sa Bubble Gang wala, ikaw yun. Natural na ikaw,” says Jackie. 

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Even though we didn’t get to spend the night with these lovely ladies because we were all responsible adults with a lot more work left to be done, it was nice to live out the fantasy even for a few hours.

We will never forget the glorious pillow fights, how the girls skillfully handled those party-poppers, and the juicy stories the girls had to tell about their naughty backstage antics during filming the show.

Sometimes, the only way to rightfully express the feelings we have for this shoot is through classic Kelly Clarkson song, "A Moment Like This."

“Some people wait a lifetime, for a moment a moment like this, some people search forever… Oh, I can’t believe it's happening to me… some people wait a lifetime for a moment a like this...”   

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Even though we would’ve wanted to make the whole magazine all about these girls, we still felt responsible to bring your fix of all the pertinent man-knowledge you can expect from our magazine so why not try opening our Pulse section for an awesome review about wet boobs, err, we mean our review Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash.

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All this and so much more in this month’s issue!

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P.S. Still waiting for our sleepover invites, girls.

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