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9 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Condoms

Fun and cool facts about that thing that covers your thing while you're doing the naughty thing!
by Chise Alcantara | Sep 23, 2015
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Love them or hate them, condoms have reduced the number of men joining Batang Ama Inc. by the millions. There's no disregarding the fact that these thin pregnancy-repelling sheets have contributed so much to mankind in controlling population growth, preventing STDs, and providing entertainment at children’s parties when Buggy the Clown forgets to bring his balloon animals.

But do we really know anything about this godsend of a tool for those not ready to enter parenthood yet (aside from the obvious, of course)? Here are some fun and cool facts about the thing that covers your thing while you’re doing the naughty thing.


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Remember the first time you were finally going to do it with a live human female and the only thing going through your mind was your elementary school lessons on the female reproductive system? You were so praning that you put on that other condom you were saving for round two as well. Turns out that wasn’t a good idea after all since all that does is create more friction which might cause one of the condoms (or, yikes, both) to tear and for your semen to spill into her. Not exactly your idea of birth control, yes?

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Listen, ladies. If your man says he’s allergic to condoms, slap that boy with an inflated condom balloon because he be lyin’ to you, girl. He may be allergic to latex (which is a not-so-common but very real condition) but condoms come in all shapes, sizes, and compositions. Polyurethane condoms are a good substitute for your man if latex makes his thing itchy.


condom facts

During that critical moment, you wouldn’t want to be fumbling and thinking if your condom is inside out, so here’s a quick tip: To check which side is suppose to be used, blow (lightly) into the condom, and if it unravels like a torotot, that’s the side where you should put your schlong in.


Yup, they exist. Girly condoms look like big rubbery bags that a girl inserts into her vagina. A lot of couples that have tried them say that it was actually a nice experience, especially for men who don’t like to be constricted down there. You can also insert it into the vagina before having sex so you won’t have those awkward moments associated with regular condoms.

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condom facts

There was once a proposed CIA mission to drop humongous condoms labeled "medium" from the sky into towns in the Soviet Union to demoralize enemy troops and make them envious of the penis size of American men. However, the higher ups of the organization, saying their infatuation with balloons was getting out of hand, declined the proposal.


According to Guinness World Records, the current world record for the thinnest condoms belongs to AONI ultra-thin 001 natural rubber latex by Guangzhou Daming United Rubber Products Ltd. in China. The said condoms have an average thickness of just 0.036mm (0.001417 inches) and are reportedly still durable enough to take a pounding.


condom facts

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Even though it might sound like something you would want to bring foods into, it’s actually the Latin origin of the word condom, which means receptacle.


If you guys like to get really kinky and experimental in bed with fat-containing foods (yes, some people use food to spice up their sexcapades), make sure you don’t use a latex condom because there might be a chance that the chemicals in the fat could chemically cause it to break and be rendered useless. Try water-based lubes instead.


condom facts

Caring for your condoms is as important as having one around because, if that thing’s broken, you might as well have gone in bare. Store them in a spacious and dry container rather than your wallet or back pocket since the places mentioned are prone to the elements which could ultimately damage condoms. Also, the friction wallets and pockets endure can wreak havoc to a condom's durability and make it structurally weaker even before you put it on your manoy.

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