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Cull Your Closet Like A Pro

Should it stay or should it go?
by Ash Mahinay | Sep 8, 2016
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Aside from buying clothes, another major man-fashion hassle is having to let go of them. It’s easy to get attached–especially when you think, “I paid P1000 for this shirt!” Yes, in 2001.

We’ll all surely need some closet space in the next few months, whether it is from gifts or crazy Christmas sales, so we’re giving you a guide to help you narrow down what to move on to the big laundry pile in the sky.


Keep: Yellowed collar
Often, some actual scrubbing of the collar (and direct cleaner application) is enough to rescue a stained shirt. Consider a bimpo for some damage control on really sweaty days.

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Ditch: Nakabuka na
If your previously neat kwelyo has turned into a spread collar, then it’s time to shop for a new one that looks less disco. To prevent this in the future, invest in shirts with collar stays–those little plastic tabs that you insert.


Keep: Faded design
That’s legit vintage style for free. Some wear on graphic tee is fine, what is not okay is if it’s the print type that gets cracklier than a Philippine road after a rainstorm. It would be wise to treat them as second-tier shirts aka for quick grocery trips or very casual hangouts, but not quite pantulog yet.

Ditch: Butas na
You think: “I don’t notice small holes while wearing it anyway. I didn’t even know I was wearing a holey shirt until someone saw them and told me!” Our reply: “Exactly.”



Keep: A rip in the seat
A hole in the butt seam, because you either you sat on something sharp or your giant ass cheeks overwhelmed the fabric, is an easy and guaranteed repair. Fact: every man has ripped the ass of a pair of shorts. 

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Ditch: This is the third time
It has lived a full life and should be relegated to basahan duties at home.



Keep: Sole separation
Some DIY rugby application or a professional stitch job at a cobbler can make it look as good as new.

Ditch: Crumbling midsole
Crumbling isn’t just a sign of wear because this often happens to closet queens that you rarely wear. They look fine until you start stomping around and they literally fall to pieces. There’s no saving these.


Keep: Tears

Some people tear their pants in the name of fashion, and you can even buy pants that are pre-ripped if you’re that lazy. In other words, it’s totally fine if you’re into that look.

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Ditch: The pockets are ripped to shreds
Your left pocket develops a hole, so you transfer your keys and loose change to the right side…that then develops a bigger hole. You switch back to the left and live with it, until it decides to rip from its seam and 4 out of 5 attempts to use it results in sliding things down your leg. It takes a long time to get here though, so you should be able to grab a fresh pair by now at least.


Keep: Some baconing
It happens, and as long as you don’t have to pull them back up three times a day, you can probably still get a good number of wears out of them before they permanently droop to your ankles.

Ditch: Toe holes
Socks insulate your shoes from your feet sweat–and prevent moisture-induced friction while doing that. If you’re using the socks for sport, then a blister could be in your future. And nothing on this list looks as struggle as having holey socks bro.

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