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The Best Ways To Use 'Putangina,' According To Duterte

A retrospect of Digong's prolific use of the deadly two-word combo
by John Paulo Aguilera | Dec 15, 2015
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Aside from his strong political will, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte became famous for his penchant for using vulgar words.

Just recently, he took considerable flak after "cursing" the pontiff. Digong has since apologized for involving Pope Francis in his rant towards the government and its inability to address the country's worsening traffic condition.

Duterte even talked to members of the religious community and has promised to curb his profane habit.

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Before Duterte ultimately gets rid of the nasty parts of his ever-colorful vocabulary (granted he really intends to do so, our friends over at think he won't), we'd like to pay tribute to the most affable part of his swearing-filled days. Below is a retrospect of the instances the good mayor made the use of "PUTANGINA" acceptable, somewhat cute, and just good ol' macho.

1) When you're fed up with politicos 'fucking the people's money

2) When your textmate isn't replying

3) When you're being economical

4) When you're traversing EDSA

Never change, Digong. We beg you.

After all, you've yet to give us examples of these other ways to let out a crisp P.I.:

5) When you're trying to get everybody's attention

6) When you're Edu Manzano, the undisputed king of P.I. scream

7) When you're Edu Manzano's leading lady

8) When you've already given your suki a 70-percent discount but she's still asking for more

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9) When you receive a prank call

10) When you want a career in hip hop

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