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WATCH: Ella Cruz And Yassi Pressman's Twerk Showdown

The two Filipina dancing queens give it all they've got in this dance-off. Pick a side, gents!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 7, 2016
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For Ella Cruz, dancing isn't just another task on an entertainer's to-do list, it's a craft to be mastered—and one only needs to browse her videos on her YouTube channel to see all the proof they need.

Likewise, the 20-year-old Filipino-British talent Yassi Pressman has proven that she loves to move it just as much as Ella does. She also showed her skills on the dancefloor when she jumped aboard the Twerk-train back in October.

And we both raised a thumbs-up to their performances.


With the two of them stepping up to the plate, netizens were left to wonder: "Who's the real dancing queen?" TV5, during their New Year's special, helped settle the debate once and for all by pitting the two in a dance-off. The two put on twerk-amite performances.


The question now: Whose team are you on, bro?


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