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Emmanuelle Vera And Julz Savard Are FHM's February 2017 Cover Girls

These sultry singers are about to rock your world!
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jan 28, 2017
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Since the beginning, music has been considered as a unifying force for individuals of different backgrounds. People of contrasting point of views, whether political or cultural, have literally found harmony in concerts, regardless of genre.

You're probably wondering why the hell we're bringing this up. Well, let's just say FHM's February cover girls have the ability to mesmerize on stage with their heavenly musical talents. And they're very easy on the eyes, too. 

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Independent artists Julz Savard and Emmanuelle Vera share this month's headlining act, as the two soulful sirens providing sweet background music for our collective fantasies this love-filled February.

Despite both these ladies being musicians, Eman and Julz are opposites in terms of style and origin. The latter once fronted local pop-punk outfit Save Me Hollywood, while the former started out covering songs on YouTube.

Calling herself “a very fuck-you, in-your-face kind of girl,” Julz has taken her on-stage persona to heart as a rebel rocker chick. She believes music, particularly rock and roll, is a great avenue for women empowerment.

“The whole [concept] of sex, drugs, and rock and roll still applies today. Maybe not the drugs anymore, but the sex and rock and roll? Hell, yeah. Women shouldn’t feel objectified in the world of music. If anything, we are the sex; we are the drugs; we are the rock and roll.”

Eman, tamer at least only in genre, was just like any other aspiring artist who thought music was a good form of expression. Having accomplished that through a couple of album releases, she is delighted with the countless opportunities fledgling singers have today.

“Artists, including myself, that like to experiment with unique genres finally have a venue to be discovered by anyone willing to listen to some new songs online. I believe that my roots are still soul, R&B, and jazz but my identity revolves around making the sound of the music I grew up with feel contemporary by trying to mix it up with a little pop.”

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They have different reasons for being in the business, but it's starting to make sense why both women agreed to an FHM cover stint. One sees it as a way to convey a message; another is hoping to make a mark in the industry. In the end, it all boils down to music.

“I’m not going to make any high claims about contributing something really special to the OPM scene because there are already so many great acts out there,” Eman admits. “I appreciate FHM for giving them the attention they deserve, but I really believe that special things are going to happen this 2017, and I’m just really happy that I can be part of it.”

“I definitely want to change the music scene. I’m not after fame, though," Julz clarifies. "My hope is that people will remember me as somebody who transformed the music scene because I had something to say and I wasn’t afraid to say it. I told myself that one day, I will be on the cover of FHM and it’ll be because I’m a rock and roll chick. And people are going to dig that. Let the bad girl speak. Put the light on the bad girl for once. It’s always the goody-two-shoes who are getting exposure.”

Julz and Eman banner a February issue filled to the brim with man reads on primal love; getting unemployed (you read that right); and travel eating, among others. In the meantime, revel in some choice shots from the duo's rockin' photo session:

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FHM February 2017 will be available in the following days in supermarkets, convenience stores, newsstands, and bookstores nationwide!

You can score digital copies through the FHM app on Apple App Store ( and on Google Play (, Buqo, and the Summit Media Newsstand (!


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