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The Russian Kim K, A Humongous Black Hole, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week!

Also up ahead: the Top 10 sexual positions, and what the Mother of Dragons wants more of on 'Game of Thrones'
by Mars Salazar | Apr 9, 2016
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Our regular list of man knowledge is extra jam-packed today!

Read on for neat gaming innovation, exhilarating movie trailers, and a dash of hot girls—trust us, you'll never run out of conversation starters this weekend!

Scroll down for a new edition of the 15 Things A Man Must Know This Week!

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Tinder's great...but only if you're single or in a polyamorous relationship. If not, it will obviously wreak havoc on your love life or (supposedly) happy relationship. Enter Swipebuster, a new service that lets you see if your significant other has been busy swiping left or right in her free time. The downside: It costs $4.99—PER SEARCH. Still cheaper than hiring a private investigator!

In case you need another reason to be happy that you're a guy: being a girl is extremely expensive. Makeup alone can easily reach thousands of pesos, and clothes...let's not even go there. Aren't you glad to have balls?

Iya Villania may be pregnant, but her fitness routine isn't slowing down at all. She still bikes, runs, swims, and lift weights to stay healthy while carrying her first child. So, how's your fitness routine coming along, hmm?

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Another gorgeously fit Pinay is Jessy Mendiola, who says she works out almost every day. She swims, kayaks, and does Muay Thai, just to name a few. No wonder she stays in shape!


???? kalurkick. #backtozero

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Wanna know what Emilia Clarke wants to see more of on Game of Thrones? It's pretty interesting: "I want to see Daenerys and her three dragons share the throne. Eat goat they've barbecued," she said in an interview. "And bring back all the pretty boys, get them to take their trousers down, and be like, 'I'm now the queen of everything! I'd like close-ups of all the boys' penises, please.'"

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The red band trailer for Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising is hilarious, and it has enough bikini-clad babes and dildos to go around. See for yourself!


So a website called made a list ranking the Top 10 best sexual positions, and while we don't know their criteria, we do know that we're excited to try this out as soon as possible. See for yourself!

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Before Jennifer Lawrence, there was Rebecca Romijn, the original Mystique. She may be 43 now, but she can still slay it in a bikini...or in body paint, as you'll see in these promo videos for a show called Skin Wars. Now, where can we watch this show here in the PH?

Anastasiya Kvitko is being touted as the Russian Kim Kardashian, and one glimpse of her butt is enough to see why. Her secret: lots of workouts. "Because I am crazy for sport, I exercise my back, and my whole body, so there are no problems if you strengthen muscles," she said. Kim K wishes she looks this good!

Britney Spears may already be in her mid-30s, but she (and her rock-hard abs) can still make 'em drool. Definitely not bad, considering she already has two kids!

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Instagram has deactivated a baker's account just because of this cake, which apparently looks like a boob. Whoever was in charge of that fiasco apparently hasn't seen a human boob before, because we've never seen one with 12 nipples!

You can never be too praning in the face of widespread terrorism going on all over the world, but this one's just too funny: 90 people were evacuated from the German town of Halberstadt after bomb disposal experts were called in to inspect a trash can with—wait for it—"a discarded sex toy vibrating inside at its highest setting." Whoever set it off probably had another kind of explosion in mind!

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Venezuela has introduced three-day weekends until May to reduce the demands for electricity in the face of El Niño. We should definitely follow their lead, you know!

Cool science news! Astronomers have discovered a gigantic black hole that is believed to be the end product of two black holes that collided eons ago. The result is a giant mass 17 billion times the size of our sun, and one we definitely don't want to be sucked in!

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Got a PS4? Update your console today so you can play all your games on your laptop via PS4 Remote Play. Click here to begin the process!

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Photos and GIFs via, Giphy, NASA, TIME Magazine

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