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FHM Babes Who Left The Country To Live Abroad

We miss you, ladies!
by Khatrina Bonagua | Aug 29, 2018
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We have to admit that sometimes, we do wish that we can just pack our bags and start a new life somewhere else. But you know what’s better? It’s when we start our lives somewhere… with someone that we love. We know, that sounds cheesy AF, but believe it or not, love can really drive you to do the craziest things such as exchanging your career to start a family, far away from the showbiz spotlight. It sounds scary, but it’s possible. In fact, some of FHM favorites—without hesitationventured into life in a foreign land with their respective sweethearts.

They got married, moved abroad, but really, no matter where they are, they are forever etched inside the FHM Nation’s heart. Hoping to see these beauties, soon!

Asia Agcaoili

Former FHM cover girl and sex guru moved to New Zealand with Mr. Vanderkolk last 2009. They have a cute son named Xander. Read about her bodacious return (and sizzling shoot!) here at FHM last year by clicking this link right here.

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Cindy Kurleto

2004’s FHM Sexiest Woman, Cindy, is living the life in Vienna. She has three lovely children with husband, Daniel. In between family time, Cindy manages to squeeze in some adventures like hiking, swimming, and traveling.  


Giselle Toengi

G is living her Cali girl dreams in Los Angeles, California. She lives there with her husband and two kids. Based on her Instagram account, G is currently busy writing and producing content, as well as doing yoga (so that’s how she maintains that figure!). “The beauty of yoga is that everybody is different and equally as beautiful and empowering,” G shares. “There are many poses I can’t do and I love that I have found the humility to accept my limitations because it only means there is room to grow.”

Nancy Castiglione

Nancy is now living in Canada with her husband and three adorable children. Aside from being a wonderful mom, she’s also busy making a name in the international beauty vlogging community.

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Michelle Madrigal

Mitch is the latest FHM babe who went left the country. She currently resides in Austin Texas, and gave birth there October last year.

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