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Emma Watson As Yoga Teacher, The World's Oldest Person's Meaty Secret, And 10 Other Things To Fitspire You This Week!

Gorgeous ladies getting fit, oldies defying time, and, as always, fitness and health tips coming up so get reading!
by Mars Salazar | Oct 19, 2015
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Here’s your fresh dose of health news and #fitspo for this week, bros! Scroll on for Anne Curtis’s fitness goals, a weird (and super tasty) secret to long life, American Ninja T-Rex?!

Yep, all that and more up ahead so get reading, gentlemen!

We’ve got nothing—we repeat, nothing—on this old guy who can effortlessly do push-ups on freakin' soda bottles while carrying 50 pounds on his back. Do you even lift, bro? (Click on the image to see the video)

This T-Rex has got to be our favorite American Ninja Warrior contestant ever. He might have finished just the training course, but he’s already a winner in our hearts.

You’re a vegetarian, you say? We don’t believe you, because science has proven that a whopping ONE THIRD of all plant-chompers succumb to the temptation of meat after guzzling one too many drinks. Hypocrites, hypocrites everywhere!

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Anne Curtis will be doing her first-ever 21-kilometer run on October 25, and it’s for the benefit of UNICEF, because if there’s someone who can raise funds for kids, it’s definitely her. Oh, and Anne Curtis in workout gear is a lovely sight to behold!

At 116 years old, Susannah Mushatt Jones can proudly say she’s the oldest person in the world. Her secret? Bacon. Every single day. But before you make a mad dash to the supermarket, keep in mind that she has no other vices aside from pork-munching, and she sleeps about 10 hours every night and sneaks in plenty of naps in between.

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Emma Watson is training to be a yoga teacher! Heck, if she ever teaches a class here, we’d definitely be signing up!

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Here’s another reason to love pineapples: the fruit, when eaten regularly, can increase the body’s resistance to viral and bacterial infections. Ain’t that a great reason to get your fill of the sweet stuff?

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Do your muscles twitch when you sleep? Bad news: it’s actually a normal thing brought about by the stress and weariness you experience during the day. Fix it by adopting a regular sleep pattern, and make sure you’re getting enough shut-eye daily.

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Do you order your coffee black? Well, bad news: You might just be a psychopath. People who like bitter stuff are apparently more likely to show sadist tendencies like narcissism and psychopathy. Another giveaway is intense eye contact, so you better watch out for that, too!

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Bad news, bros: we might have been brushing our teeth wrong OUR WHOLE LIVES. The proper tooth brushing method is called the Modified Bass Technique and you do it by angling your brush at the gumline and moving it in a circular motion to loosen the plaque around your gums. Finish by sweeping the yucky bits away.

The old adage "you snooze, you lose" is absolutely the sense that sleeping actually helps you lose weight. When you lack sleep, your hunger pangs are more intense, and there’s more temptation to eat. Less sleep also makes it hard for your body to lose fat, so you better catch up on your Zzzs!

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So actress-singer-author Lea Michele is claiming that her butt is "a showstopper." Judging by her workout photos, yep, we sure agree!

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