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The Many Awesome Reasons Why You Should Grab Our Jennylyn Mercado-Headlined January Issue!

The ground rules for sexual conduct, a map to a better you, and the other crucial things that will matter this 2016!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jan 12, 2016
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By now, you're probably 10 pounds heavier after pigging out during the holiday break. There's also a huge possibility that you have already broken half of your New Year's resolutions. And then there's this certainty: You have had to pick up your jaws on the floor after seeing Jennylyn Mercado's FHM's January 2016 cover.

Let's drop those jaws again:

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But Jennylyn's latest, and sadly, final FHM cover appearance isn't the only thing that makes our first issue of the year eye-poppingly awesome.

Below are the other reasons why you should get moving and get a copy of our latest installment.

Hot Entrées

In the opening pages, Starter Babe Lisa Dillon will immediately challenge you to a staring contest. We'll also teach you how to fix all the things you broke during the holidays, and educate you on the many times you have almost kicked the bucket.

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New Start, New Stuff

Turn over a new leaf with FHM's choice of neat paperbacks, and let's zoom in on Concussion star Will Smith and the many winning characters he has portrayed.

Notice Them, Senpai

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Mayumi Yokoyama returns in our pages with another smoldering feature while this month's #NewCrush Shane Ramos extends her FHM debut in our print edition. And yes, there's also January's FHM Girlfriend Michiko Magno showing us her naughty side. 

Must-Know Essentials

Here's a crash course on becoming this era's version of a gentleman, our must-follow ground rules for sexual conduct, and how the digital age changed today's economy.

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Street Fab

Conquer the streets with our wicked FHM fashion picks!

Be A Better You (aka the things that really should be in your New Year's resolution)

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A guide on how to eat healthy, the gears that will matter this year, and the perfect car you should save up for this 2016.


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