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These Seven Working Women Are This Week's #FHMOfficeCrush

They can shoo away workplace stress simply by, well, going to work!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Mar 7, 2016
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Every office has its rose among the thorns, the lamb among the wolves, the white sheep among the black sheep, the Wonder Woman among the goons—the #FHMOfficeCrush.

This week, we feature seven working ladies who can shoo away workplace stress simply by, well, going to work.

One glance at the women below can put a smile on any weary male employee's face:

Frances, senior brand officer at Smart Communications

Sent in by Rene on March 6, 2016

Mica, customer contact officer at Banco De Oro

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Sent in by Kevin on February 3, 2016

Christa, talent acquisition associate at Sykes Philippines

Sent in by Marvin on February 29, 2016

Abby, sales at Target San Diego

Sent in by Mike on February 24, 2016


Katrina, nurse at Hospital of the Infant Jesus

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Sent in by Anon on February 26, 2016

Celine, nurse at St. Luke's Medical Center

Sent in by Kevin on February 18, 2016

Hazel, VIP stunner (server) at Solaire Resort & Casino

Sent in by Steph on February 23, 2016

We urge you to share the ones from your own office!

Here's how to do it:

1) Send her photo to our Facebook page. Include her name, your company, her designation, and the hashtag #FHMOfficeCrush. Or...

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2) Post her photo on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #FHMOfficeCrush. (If that seems awkward, ask a friend of hers to post on the office's behalf!)

3) No incriminating photos, please. Choose a well-lit image that highlights "her crush-worthiness."

4) Wait for us to select a new #FHMOfficeCrush batch, which we'll feature on the site!


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