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These 7 Ladies From Yes! FM Are This Week's #FHMOfficeCrush

You'll want to visit this radio station after you see this
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jul 25, 2016
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Every office has its rose among the thorns, the lamb among the wolves, the white sheep among the black sheep, the Wonder Woman among the goons—the #FHMOfficeCrush.

This week, we feature the ones from radio station Yes! FM. Here are the beautiful faces behind the voices you listen to everyday.

Marian a.k.a. Lalabanderas, announcer

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What you should know about me: "I am in love with all things spicy, from Sriracha to Tabasco, chilli pepper to jalapeño. I can't imagine a meal without it. I'm an occasional bookworm and I binge-watch TV shows in my free time. I am not into the whole party scene as I like to keep things intimate and private. Laughing is my greatest hobby."

Maria Socorro a.k.a. Maria Morena, announcer

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What you should know about me: "I start my day working in the office with positivity. I greet all people from different walks of life, from the security guards to toll gate operators and the like. I always like to bring vibrancy to my work area. Also, I Iove "feel good" music, dogs, road trips, and going on a food trip."

Elizabeth a.k.a. Shai Tisai, announcer

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What you should know about me: "I'm a professional daldalera who believes in simple pleasures like singing in the shower, dancing in the nude (at home!), a five-day cheat-day schedule, fitting into old clothes, and secretly planning my wedding even if the boyfriend hasn't proposed yet."


Megan a.k.a. Sexy Megan, announcer

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What you should know about me: "The moody, spontaneous, and adventurous office friend. That person who loves to eat but almost never gets fat. Once featured in the FHM April 2012—go check if you have a copy. Loves to dance and is a frustrated singer."

Jessy a.k.a. Raqi Terra, announcer

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What you should know about me: "I'm a no-boyfriend-since-birth gal in this world full of hook-ups break-ups and #mayforever lovers. A free-spirited person who enjoys liberty, solitude, and meaningful conversations."

Thea a.k.a. Missy Hista, announcer

What you should know about me: "You'll probably hate me for being straightforward but you'll love me for striving to push out the helpful truth than a comfortable lie. With my wild yet distinctive laugh, I will make your mood sizzle the entire day."

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Cherryl a.k.a. Rica Herra, announcer

What you should know about me: "I'm the perfect combination of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Add me to your life and your life becomes sweeter. I can spice up a conversation with my witty punchlines and outspoken personality. I believe that everything will become nice and will fall into place as long as you see the beauty of life in every aspect."

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We urge you to share the ones from your own office!

Here's how to do it:
1) Send her photo to our Facebook page. Include her name, your company, her designation, and the hashtag #FHMOfficeCrush. Or...
2) Post her photo on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #FHMOfficeCrush. (If that seems awkward, ask a friend of hers to post on the office's behalf!)
3) No incriminating photos, please. Choose a well-lit image that highlights "her crush-worthiness."
4) Wait for us to select a new #FHMOfficeCrush batch, which we'll feature on the site!


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