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We Actually Saw The Four New Encantadia Sang'gres Coming

The second generation of gemstone keepers (sort of) dropped hints
by John Paulo Aguilera | Apr 5, 2016
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Last night, the four women who will bring to life the Sang'gres in the upcoming Encantadia reboot were unveiled.

Fans of the fantaserye had mixed yet mostly positive feelings toward the introduction of Gabbi Garcia, Kylie Padilla, Glaiza de Castro and Sanya Lopez as the new keepers of the gemstones of water, air, fire and earth, respectively.

In our case, we're just grateful for the chance to lay our eyes on another set of lovely ladies in curvaceous costumes...

Actually, the reveal wasn't much of a surprise; something told us prior it that the heirs to the roles of Karylle (who played Alena), Iza Calzado (Amihan), Sunshine Dizon (Pirena), and Diana Zubiri (Danaya) were coming. A peek at the respective Instagram accounts of the second generation of Sang'gres confirms our suspicions:

So that's why Gabbi, who will portray Alena, has been fond of this kind of throwback snaps...


Kylie, on the other hand, has long been channeling her inner Amihan with snaps of the blue sky and a bonus clue from her 2015 New Year's resolution.

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If Sailor Mars, who wields the power of fire, wasn't enough of a hint, Glaiza's (Pirena) love for a flaming red ensemble should have given it away.

Sanya draws parallels to the former Danaya (Diana), being relatively the newcomer among the bunch and a penchant for floral pattern (nature) and earth tones.


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