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What The 'GOT' Ladies Look Like When Not Covered In Fur Or Dragon Blood

The women of Westeros, when they’re not dressed for their roles
by Omar Glenn D. Belo | May 4, 2016
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Game of Thrones fever strikes again with the return of the hit HBO series based on the beloved fantasy novels. On its sixth season, fans of both the books and the show are on fair ground as the TV series has already surpassed the narrative of the novels. But viewers can all expect the complicated drama between the many characters to escalate, and TBH, more skin as the show has toned down on the nudity in recent seasons. The showrunners have even made such rare occurrences a little unsettling (See: Cersei Lannister’s full frontal walk of shame last season).

Still have that filthy image in mind? Let’s wash that clean with a dose of hotness from the ladies that heat up Westeros, especially when they’re not dressed for their roles that is.

Fair warning: There might be spoilers—but there will surely be some lovely photos worth the spoilage.

Lena Headey, a.k.a. Cersei Lannister

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Headey has mastered playing headstrong characters. She’s been the tough female lead on past TV shows, most notably in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. And in the big screen, Headey has played bad-ass women, specifically in the 300 franchise and 2012’s Dredd. In Westeros, though, few characters are as cunning and as strong-willed as Headey’s queen regent Cersei. Off screen, she remains a stunner even at 42.


Emilia Clarke, a.k.a Daenerys Targaryen

Clarke sizzled the screen soon as she appeared in GOT, not just because she’s the mother of fire-breathing dragons, but because she stripped down on her very first episode. The Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and of the First Men has also been one of Hollywood’s hottest stars lately, headlining two recent movies (Terminator Genisys, Me Before You), and was named Esquire US's Sexiest Woman Alive last year. Bow before the Khaleesi, gentlemen.

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Natalie Dormer, a.k.a. Margaery Tyrell

Sticking to royalty, Dormer plays the temptress Queen of the Seven Kingdoms who marries teen king Tommen Baratheon. This, by the way, is her third marriage, first with Tommen’s uncle Renly (dead via shadow monster, don’t ask), then Tommen’s brother Joffrey (dead via poison, good riddance). Dormer can absolutely claim she has the looks to die for.

Sophie Turner, a.k.a. Sansa Stark

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The eldest of the Stark girls has grown mighty fine from the time she debuted as a teen in the first season to a lady scarred by misfortune as the seasons passed. The 20-year-old actress is even bound to become more popular as she plays this generation’s version of Jean Grey in the upcoming movie X-Men: Apocalypse. She doesn’t need telekinetic powers to move you, though. Just look at her.

Maisie Williams, a.k.a. Arya Stark

Now this here’s a transformation. Arya starts out as daddy Ned’s girl who wants to fight like a boy, then pretends to be a boy, and is now trying to be no one under the watchful eye of Jaqen H’gar in the House of Black and White. Confused yet? Well, what’s clear is that as the seasons progressed, the now 19-year-old Maisie Williams has also blossomed.

Carice Van Houten, a.k.a. Melisandre

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Carice Van Houten plays Melisandre, the hottest witch on television since, uhm, the Charmed ones (remember Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano, and Holly Marie Combs?). But she ups the heat with her intense eyes, luscious lips, and propensity to disrobe. After the Season 6 premiere, though, you might want her to keep her necklace on.


Nathalie Emmanuel, Missandei

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Emmanuel plays the slave-turned-interpreter-slash-personal julalay to Daenerys. Small role, you might say, but she makes a way to stand out. Might be the hair, but her charm’s undeniable as well. And it’s a starmaking role too as she’s found herself part of two blockbuster franchises, the Maze Runner trilogy and the Fast & Furious fam.  

Keisha Castle-Hughes, Jessica Henwick, and Rosabelle Laurenti Sellers, a.k.a. Obara, Nymeria, and Tyene Sand

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Soon as the Sand Snakes, the deadly illegitimate daughters of the gruesomely deceased Oberyn Martell, made their debut in the series last year, they’ve been the #NewCrush on the show. The books list eight sisters but the show only featured three, which is just fine considering the eye-candy these ladies bring to the screen.


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