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Let These Cartoon Genitals Teach You About Consent

‘If it’s not a yes, it’s a no’
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jul 4, 2016
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No one has a right to touch you without your permission.

Project Consent, a non-profit, volunteer-based group aimed at deconstructing rape culture, has recently released a series of short videos illustrating what sexual consent is—and isn’t.

These videos include a cast of animated vaginas and penises, bottoms and breasts, and even a hand. All of these body parts participate in wholesome activities such as dancing, whistling, and laughing… until it makes an inappropriate advance.


The aim of these viral videos is to open up discussion for a consent-based culture. Project Consent believes that the easiest way to find out how your partner feels is to simply ask them. If they say no, they mean no.

Their mission is simple as seen on their site:

“Building a consent culture is the first step, but a vital one. By promoting consent, we are reminding society that violations of someone's agency should never be taken lightly. Rather than continuing to teach that the blame is on victims, we want it known that consent is always an established right, not a removable luxury. Creating a consent-based culture is the groundwork to battling sexual assault as a whole and while we don't expect it to eradicate sexual assault altogether, we believe that it's a message worth putting out there.”

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This also goes the other way:

Or even same sex aggravation as seen here:

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