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21 Genius Life Hacks You Need Right Now

A list of nifty tricks to make your life easier
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 18, 2016
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Life is hard.

We go through a lot. We face different problems, and they're often related to really important stuff, like money, health, love, and relationships.

Then there are those little things that, when they pile up, can prove to be one helluva bitch. Sorry if we're being such a downer, but you know this to be true.

While we probably can't help you become a billionaire overnight (although we have a bunch of money tips here), the good news is that people have been sharing knowledge and solutions to many of life's minor inconveniences.

We call these "life hacks," and the Facebook page of food-centric website is a treasure trove of these useful tricks.

They've compiled a bunch of these life hacks (which are featured as easy-to-understand meme-like visuals), and we're showing you some of the really nifty ones below!

The one about nasty garbage juices

The one about your precious iPad

The one about keeping your fly flying high

The one about detecting overripe avocados

The one about keeping hard-to-clean blenders spick and span

The one about keeping your grimy keyboard tidy

The one about folding fitted bed sheets properly

The one about making crispy taco shells


The one about making your man-drobe easier to manage

The one about tangle-free earphones

The one about increasing your closet's capacity

The one about thoroughly squeezing lemons

The one about keeping dirty laundry smelling fresher when you travel

The one about spotting which batteries still have juice

The one about keeping your banana fresh

The one about tear-free onion-chopping

The one about fuller pillows

The one that can save your life someday

The one about organizing your keys

The one about hazy headlights

The one about organizing your cables

Got all that? We hope life's a wee bit easier for you now.

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Images via Facebook page

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