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Nip Slip? No Problem, Says Gigi Hadid

The way she handled the unwanted flashing validated her reputation as one of this generation's up-and-coming models
by John Paulo Aguilera | Mar 1, 2016
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Other than tripping on the runway, a model's worst nightmare is an unwanted flashing.

With how eccentric fashion trends are these days, a little going out of the box indeed spices up contemporary looks, but at the same time comes with an air of uncertainty when it comes to how pieces are put together.

Gigi Hadid was the latest victim of malfunction-prone wardrobe, as she closed the Versace show at the recent Milan Fashion Week.

While owning the runway, a loosely draped black dress held up by a couple of Versace chains weren't able to prevent her right nipple from popping out of its low neckline.

Such predicament can easily unnerve a person, but the way Gigi handled the nip slip validated her reputation as one of this generation's top models to watch.

The 20-year-old carried on strutting her stuff as if nothing happened, her right nipple seemingly giving the middle finger to every person in the crowd.

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Now that's what you call being a pro.


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