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Who Are FHM's Sizzlingly Jolly November Cover Girls?

We’re having an intimate slumber party and you’re invited
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 25, 2017
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What really happens in a slumber party?

Aside from all the talk, the pampering sessions, and everything else in between, we can’t help but wonder what else goes on behind closed doors. Do women really jump up and down on the bed? Do they have sexy pillow fights? Do they wear cute jammies or lacy lingerie (the latter is very much preferred)? The curiosity has our imagination running wild.

To find the answer, we invited eight of the hottest women in the industry to have an intimate slumber party with us. Luckily, they also have something big to celebrate this November—perfect timing to throw one helluva party, err, cover shoot.

Don't sleep on this one, gents.

So blow those balloons, ready the confetti, and chill the champagne, these bubbly babes are waiting!

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