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Guys Discussing FHM's Kim Domingo Issue (When Kim Suddenly Appears!)

We asked guys about their opinions on our Kim Domingo-fronted issue. What they didn't know was that she was hiding in the room the entire time!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 26, 2016
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Kim Domingo, our December 2015 cover girl, allowed us to end the year with a bang. The car show princess and now Bubble Gang regular was a stunner that left many jaws hanging, ours included.

Does she have the same effect in person? We got to work. We invited a few guys over and told them that we were doing a survey about our cover girls for 2015. Sneakily, we steered the conversation towards Kim—an easy feat because what real man wouldn't want to talk about a woman as comely?


Our dark secret? Kim had been hiding behind a whiteboard the entire time, ready to emerge at the behest of a secret cue word. (In case you were wondering, that word was "Christmas," which we were able to incorporate by saying, "Parang CHRISTMAS gift talaga si Kim from the heavens, no?" to which everyone agreed.)  

This was how they reacted:


(Shout-out to Muhammad Ali who inspired this video!)

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Video by Engellheart Jarilla and Marlon Salazar
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