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7 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Burger

Do yourself a favor and spare your tongue from boring, soggy fast food burgers by making your own
by Mars Salazar | Feb 26, 2016
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You know what would be really good right now? A nice, fat, greasy burger with our favorite stuffing, plus a thick, juicy patty fresh off the grill.

You can head to the nearest burger place and order your favorite, or you can make your own. We recommend doing the latter though because, well, it pays to experiment and, as we've been saying, girls love guys who can prepare good food.

So go to the kitchen and whip up your own version of the bread-meat gastronomic delight. But before you do, read on for ways to upgrade the humble burger and make yours different than the boring ones sold by fast food chains.

Make your own patty

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If you want the best patties, you should make your own. Skip the pre-formed ones in the grocery and the pre-ground piles in the market. Instead, choose a nice-looking hunk of meat and ask your suki to grind it for you on the spot. Form them into patties in the comfort of your own home, and add a dimple in the center to maintain their shape.

Don’t scrimp on the spices

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Once you’ve got a pretty row of patties set up, season them according to your personal taste. Good old salt and pepper would do—use freshly ground black pepper, which packs more flavor than pre-ground pepper, and sprinkle a dash of salt right before you pop them on your grill or pan. You can also add spicy ramen seasoning for a different twist or if you're short on ingredients.

Use a different kind of meat

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If you don’t eat beef for some reason (or if you’re just tired of it), you can still enjoy burgers by using other kinds of meat—chicken, pork, lamb, even vegetarian meat. Don’t be afraid to experiment: your stomach, your rules.


Substitute arugula for plain lettuce 

Arugula adds an extra dimension of flavor that good ol' iceberg lettuce just can’t beat. Add a few leaves and you're good to go. You can choose to retain the stalks for added crunch.

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Switch up your cheese

Just because your favorite fast food chain uses cheese singles doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Head to a gourmet depot like Santi’s and check out the cheeses there: goat cheese, Swiss cheese, blue cheese, brie, gouda, and cheddar are some yummy options.

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Add Jalapeño peppers

Those gifted with tough taste buds might want to add a few slices of jalapeño peppers to your burger. Add as many (or as few) as you want for that spicy kick. If your tastes are of the mild persuasion, you can dice a few jalapeño bits and mix them in your dressing instead.

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...actually, add whatever ingredient you want

Come to think of it, there’s really no limit when it comes to what an "ideal burger" contains. Pile on the bacon, throw in a few French fries, heck, add peanut butter if that’s your thing. Sky’s the limit, gentlemen.


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