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The Boy Group That Never Was: A Hasht5 Retrospective

The surprising departure of popular member Marlou Arizala made us reminisce about the group's antics that made social media laugh, cringe, or both.
by John Paulo Aguilera | Feb 4, 2016
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Marlou Arizala has left the building.

Recently, the most popular member of online sensation Hasht5, announced on his Twitter account that he is no longer affiliated with the popular parody boy group, à la One Direction's Zayn Malik.

One of the members, Erick Ebreo, sort of confirmed the development by posting a photo of the remaining four on his own Facebook account.

So they're going to be called Hasht4 now?

Fans of Hasht5 didn't take too kindly to what happened, and criticized Marlou for leaving his comrades behind.


But honestly, we can't blame him for coming into his own, despite stating in earlier interviews that he would never ever quit the group. Marlou must've realized the he'd be better off striking out on his own, thanks to his "distinct" features that have captured the hearts of many.

Wow. Did we just really call his features "distinct"?

This leaves us with no choice but to reminisce about the good fun we had with the boy group that never was. Your uniqueness will be missed.

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...that time they were caught peeing in public, thus giving birth to a legend?

At the same time, news of five juvenile delinquents breaking out of a nearby local prison came out.

...that video invite to one of their fan get-togethers?

That's when we found out they were actually real.

...when they were rumored to have been found dead?

Fortunately, they were just chillin' in the grass.

...that time they introduced their newest member?

As if anyone knew (or cared) that somebody left in the first place.

...when they addressed bashers with their exquisite grammar?

That's right. Never let anyone "distroy" your friendship.

...that time their mall show actually happened?

It was reportedly attended by the members' closest cousins.

...when they were gracious enough to date (un)lucky fans?

Those girls were brave.

...that time they were invited to perform on—of all shows—ASAP?(!)

We suddenly realized the apocalypse was near.

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...when another boy group appeared to rival them?

Although we all knew they were just riding on Hasht5's hype train.

So long, Marlou, bro. You will not be missed.


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