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Here's How To Score A Winning Date With A Cheerleader

We asked the ladies of the National Cheerleading Championship to dish out the deets about what turns them on
by Khatrina Bonagua | Mar 15, 2017
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One of the most pervasive male fantasies is being able to date a cheerleader. It's not surprising because most of them are beautiful, have a fun personality, and know how to move with grace and inject positivity into every aspect of their lives. And perhaps, like you, they know a thing or two about sports! 

But then, cheerleaders can be intimidating, and even scary to a certain degree, especially when they walk with their cliques, looking all sorts of confident and mesmerizing. So, during your heyday, you'd simply just walk away, missing out on your chance to date an enthusiastic, energetic babe.

It’s not too late, though, bro. To show our undying love for cheerleaders, we went to the 12th National Cheerleading Championship (NCC) last Sunday to show some support for these super stunners, asking some of the best cheerbabes in the country for some tips when it comes to winning the heart of a ra-ra beauty. 

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1) Naomi, 23

“It takes a lot of understanding to date a cheerleader! With our busy schedules, you have to be patient when it comes to us. It also takes a lot of conviction because cheerleaders have a very strong heart, and they will fight for whatever they want.”

2) Patricia, 30

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“A guy has to be confident to approach us cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are very energetic, outspoken, and obviously, we are very comfortable with ourselves and our bodies. And sometimes it can intimidate a timid guy to approach a woman who’s very outgoing and expressive. So again, you have to be confident. And also, don’t worry, you don’t have to be a hunk or an athlete to date a cheerleader! Cheerleaders just like to have their own personal cheerleader, a supportive partner. Just support our schedule, training, and studies, and you’ll have our hearts.”

3) Charley, 22

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“It takes a lot of guts, patience, and understanding because we have a hectic schedule. And you have to be confident just like us!”

4) Marina, 24

“He has to be as flexible as me…with time.” *winks*

5) Pia, 23

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“It takes patience in dating a cheerleader, because we usually know how to prioritize our time. Without patience, maiinip ka kahihihtay sa amin.”


6) Nikki, 21

“You have to be disciplined, because cheerleaders are disciplined. You also have to be responsible as we know how to balance our schedule.”

7) Myca, 21

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Kailangan lagi kang game, di ka natatakot na sumubok ng kahit ano. Kasi ang cheerleaders, game kami sa lahat. So kung takot ka, maiiwan ka namin.”

8) GB, 27


“You have to be adventurous, game for anything, and of course, strong! You have to be physically and mentally strong. Someone who knows how to carry a good conversation is also a plus! And since we’re sporty, you also have to be sporty!”

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9) Anya, 26


“You have to be tough, because cheerleaders are made of steel. Pag nalaglag kasi ang cheerleaders, di sila yung ‘Ay, ang sakit!’ babangon at babangon sila. If you’re not tough, and mabilis ka mag give up, you guys won’t last.”

10) Shaira, 20

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“You just have to be supportive. Be her own cheerleader!”

11) Amanda, 23

“You have to have a lot of patience! Most of our time is devoted to school and practices, so we rarely go out on a date. So if you really want us, you have to be patient.”

12) Johanna, 18

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Ang maging isang cheerleader ay hindi madali, madaming hindrances kapag pumasok kami sa isang relasyon. Kaya if you want to date us, you should be understanding. Suportado mo dapat kami at handa ka sa mga consequences.”

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