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What Exactly Is Hip Cleavage And Why Is It The Hottest Summer Instagram Trend?

Your girlfriend probably owns a bikini like this, too
by Khatrina Bonagua | May 22, 2018
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You've probably noticed that a lot of your favorite celebrity babes are ditching the usual cleavage and side boob-baring bikinis. Instead of flaunting these assets, the ladies are now proudly showing the sexy crease between their hips and thighs, which is being dubbed online as the hip cleavage.

Hip cleavage, according to Know Your Meme, is a “style trend based around the exposure of a woman's hips and the area of her body between the thigh and the hip.” Simply put, hip cleavage is the part of the body we refer to as the inguinal region—or the groin area, which you’re probably more familiar with.

Very much like the popular singit shot, showing off one's hip cleavage accentuates a woman's curves. Now, louder and prouder than before, women are going all out in displaying their shapely bods. Why hide it when they can show it off in a classy way through this new trend, right? 

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And as high-waisted swimwear continues to rock the fashion scene in the country, more and more local celebrities and models are getting into the hip cleavage trend. Here are some of our most favorite snaps of ladies who are rockin’ it:

Chienna Filomeno

GirlTrend Chienna never fails to amaze her followers with her effortlessly sultry aura. Also, the hip cleavage is strong with this one!

Coleen Garcia


Mrs. Crawford’s bikini line, Mrs. Sea, is a haven for women who love high-waisted hip cleavage-baring bikinis. We highly suggest you buy one for your girlfriend.

Jinri Park


Saranghae forever to our favorite Koreana! If you remember, she also flaunted her hip cleavage in her most recent FHM cover. 

Katarina Rodriguez


Seriously, how can Katarina look so fresh while emerging from the waves?


Kelsey Merritt


Whoa! Victoria’s Secret model Kelsey looks every inch like a VS Angel in this shot. 

Maine Mendoza

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Here’s a subtle way of showing off one’s hip cleavage, according to Maine.

Maxine Medina


For Max, the tinier the cut, the stronger the hip cleavage!

Rachel Peters


We nominate Rachel to be the Queen of Hip Cleavage. Proof: Her IG feed. 

Sam Pinto

Sam’s side view hip cleavage is, as always, double-tap worthy.

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