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This Hot School Teacher Will Make You Want To Take Summer Classes, ASAP

She has us begging for detention
by John Paulo Aguilera | Apr 7, 2017
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While most students are cherishing the time off thanks to the summer vacation, the guys at FHM are scrambling for their old school uniforms after running into a lovely female instructor online.

Meet Kheny Soliva Berco, the charming teacher who isn't only here to educate us, but also erase our bad memories of terror educators like Miss Minchins and Dolores Umbridges.

The 21-year-old already boasts 122,247 followers on Facebook, and 11,200 on Instagram, all of whom are willing to take summer classes if she would be the one mentoring them.

Kheny just graduated last month with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, majoring in Early Childhood Education at the University of St. La Salle. She has had experience lecturing little kids (and introducing them to dabbing) as a student teacher for three months at the St. John Institute, as a requirement for graduating students.

In a quick chat with FHM, Kheny says she has always loved the thought of "giving young people the best start in life" and that's why she took up education. "I can't think of any job as important to society as teaching," she says. "I know being a pre-school teacher is not an easy job, but it is what I love."

Her favorite subject growing up? Suprisingly, it was the arts. Kheny shares, "I love to draw, paint, and recycle stuff. These creative skills help me in preparing visual aids and coming up with new ways to teach my students."


Another interesting bit about her is her unusual pet—a snake. The slithering creature is as clingy as it gets with Kheny; the lucky reptile is always by her side, whether she's sleeping or writing lesson plans. One has to think twice before messing with this gal.

"People always find me weird for having a snake in the house, but why not? I love my Damian (her snake's name) more than anything on this planet and I think he's adorable," Kheny exclaims. After all, what are a few venomous bites if it means being close to a woman like her?

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Like her former students, she is currently enjoying the post-graduation break, but it won't be long before her Messenger app blows up with all the teaching and tutorial inquiries.


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