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10 Times The 'Bubble Gang' Girls Were At Their Sexiest Outside Of The Show

These ladies will be the death of us
by John Paulo Aguilera | Sep 19, 2017
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You're not fooling anyone. Your claims that you simply watch Bubble Gang for the laughs are false and pretty transparent. We know you're also in it for the chicks, man. 

From the likes of Maureen Larrazabal to Kim Domingo, the gag show has produced as many seductive (and hilarious) women as it has comedy sketches in its more than two-decade run. Part of Bubble Gang's appeal is in its ability to expose the inner-comediennes of these TV goddesses.

As crazy as they may be while on set, the female cast's amusement doesn't seem limited to on-cam duties. Recently, the ladies—particularly Valeen Montenegro, Chariz Solomon, Lovelly Abella, and Denise Barbacena—messed around with the online craze "Baby Shark." Looking at their social media posts, it's safe to say that the kiddie dance craze took on a whole new meaning in the hands of these seasoned entertainers.

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This wasn't the first time these gals were collectively too hot to handle outside the Bubble Gang studios. Check out the list below for a potent does of hilarity coupled with sexiness:

Good luck finding a better-looking beach trip...

Next time, send us an invite!

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The more, the merrier

One of the best #trumpetchallenge entries:

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Videos, please!


This is what your pillow fight fantasies look like:

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Missing the Bubble Shakers!

And we thought the FHM BTS photos were hot:

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Wacky poses never looked this good:

Now this is our kind of (slumber) party!

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