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Geeking Out With Female 'Power Rangers' Becky G And Naomi Scott

How the local 'Power Ranger guy' came face to face with the cast of the superhero film
by Chris Cantada | Mar 21, 2017
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For the longest time, I was recognized for being the drummer in that band once upon a time. Now, I'm known as the 'Power Ranger guy'.

But how did that happen? It all started with a phone camera, spandex, a YouTube account, and a genuine fondness for teenagers with attitude. 250 million views later, here I am now. It could get pretty surreal sometimes, especially when you're doing banking errands and the security guard hums "Go, Go Power Rangers" as you leave the establishment.

When Lionsgate announced that they were doing a Power Rangers reboot, I was so stoked! Finally, something that will hopefully ensure the longevity of this franchise. Some people think that Power Rangers ended with 'Mighty Morphin,' but in reality, the show never stopped.

Then something occurred to me. What if I was able to interview the cast of the new movie? Is that even possible? Can a YouTuber like me even be considered to join the ranks of veteran entertainment scribes Ricky Lo and Yong Chavez in these huge international press junkets? I had to give it a shot!

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In January of this year, I was pursuing every lead for the chance to attend the March junket in Los Angeles in March. Thankfully, I was able to meet the heads of Pioneer Films, the local distributor for Lionsgate films. They were going to nominate me as one of their 'journalists' for the affair! What I didn't expect was the waiting time in getting the confirmation from Lionsgate. The wait was killing me! I was endorsed late January, and was only approved literally six days before the trip itself. Imagine the internal hysteria I was going through during a month and a half of expecting, for what could be the biggest opportunity in my YouTube career...


I got to Los Angeles just in the nick of time! The day before the actual junket, every representative was required to watch the movie as preparation for the interviews the next day. I had no problem with that! A huge Power Rangers fan like me actually getting to see the movie a good two weeks before the actual release—mind blown!

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The day finally arrived. I was at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills with the rest of the international press waiting for their respective turns to talk with the cast. A huge surprise for me was that one of the reporters from New Zealand was actress Kimberley Crossman, who played the female Red Ranger from Power Rangers Samurai! *geek-gasm* Another crazy thing happened; I actually had lunch with Ludi Lin, the Black Ranger from the upcoming movie, at the press waiting area. So we got to chat even before the formal interview.

Chris with Kimberley Crossman,
who played Red Ranger on Power Rangers Samurai

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The interview itself went smoothly! It helped that I was a genuine fan, so the atmosphere was very conducive to substantial conversations. Naomi Scott (Pink Ranger) and Becky G (Yellow Ranger) were truly such nice and sweet people. Ludi Lin (Black Ranger), RJ Cyler (Blue Ranger), and Dacre Montgomery (Red Ranger) were so hyped up and had a lot to say, which amplified the energy in the room.

After going through this extraordinary journey, it felt like an 'achievement unlocked' type of experience. Who would've thought that someone like me, who never made videos before, now produce Power Ranger fan sketches and was able to be a part of something in an official capacity? All I can say is, what a ride!

Watch the full interview here:

Power Rangers opens in local cinemas this March 22!

Chris Cantada is a Filipino Cosplayer and YouTuber who started creating content back in 2013. The success of his channel www.ChrisCantadaForce.TV has led him to work with brands, companies, and actors, both local and international. He continues to create and produce weekly content on YouTube.

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