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How To Keep Your 5 Most Irritating Co-Workers From Ruining Your Day

These 100 percent effective obnoxious colleague-repellents will make you more effective at work
by Tanya Umali | Sep 15, 2016
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Annoying colleagues are unfortunately everywhere. They exist in every job and office. Some are more detestable than others, true, but one thing they definitely excel at is making your already stressful work-life feel like hell. How can you ever be free from their reign of terror? Here are expert-approved ways that will help you deal...

1. The Feeling-Boss
These are your officemates who think they're the likely heirs to the President or CEO's throne. They constantly tell you what to do and micromanage your activities so that you'll do them in a way that pleases them. These co-workers enjoy hovering near or around your workspace, making you feel conscious and uncomfortable about doing your job. They relish pointing out mistakes as they see them, never mind if you're not even through your first draft and, thus, haven't even started proofreading your copy yet. In the end, nothing ever gets done on time. And it's highly like they'll blame you for it. 
Dealing with them: According to UST Anthropolgy and Sociology Professor Frederick Precillas, you have to be assertive with this type of colleague. "Tell him or her that you have your own unique way of doing things and that constantly being told what to do is only making your performance worse," says Prof. Precillas. You can also point out that if you both do your job separately, you'd be able to finish tasks faster. Besides, the bossing around should only come from the one true boss.  

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2. The Nega
Count on the pessimist to rain on everyone's parade. No matter what kind of good news you tell them, they somehow find ways to anticipate disaster. They'll wish you well when you get promoted, sure, but they'll be quick to predict your downfall, too. Their way of keeping things real? Astonishing you with messages like this: "Goodluck on your promotion. The last person to get promoted only lasted a week."
Dealing with them: If you find yourself amidst a nega co-worker, make an effort to talk to them and give them feedback. "Explain to them that a negative behavior is not good for the entire team's output," says Prof. Precillas. "Try to find out what causes this kind of pessimistic behavior by having a friendly conversation with them." He explains that maybe there's an underlying psychological factor—such as problems at home or personal insecurities—that the nega colleague is keeping to him or herself, which your HR Department can help to address.

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3. The Chismosa
Yes, the one who keeps the office buzzing with only latest, hottest, and often unsettling corporate "news." Everyone has encountered this type of officemate. In fact, you might have already been victimized by someone like them who revel in talking behind your back. Oh, the nastiness that keeps rolling nonstop off their mouths. You know that they got to you when you stop being efficient at what you do and start obsessing about which officemate is hooking it up with whom. Or, why the chances of you getting axed suddenly become the raging talk of the town.
Dealing with them: The professor suggests you deal with these officemates by asking them if what they're telling you is fact. Nothing wrong doing a bit of sleuthing here. Ask: "Where did they hear this from? Did the person in question talk to you about their problem or did you just overhear a conversation and assumed that what you're telling me is what really happened? These questions would make the chismosa co-worker think twice about sharing some news with you. The more validation you need from them, the more they would get discouraged from sharing with you some [supposedly] hot gossip."

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4. The Bibo
AKA the sipsip, they sometimes take sole credit for your team's accomplishment. They usually stay close to the boss and follow him wherever he goes. The bibo officemate is the person who volunteers to do extra tasks, is willing to do overtime work everyday, and will just be at your superiors' beck and call. Heck, your boss thinks he's the only one working because the bibo officemate keeps the spotlight to himself.
Dealing with them: "Just shrug this one off," Prof. Precillas says. "This type of person loves attention and would do anything to be in the spotlight. They love situations where they appear as the winner, so the more you complain about their sipsip attitude, the more they would pretend to be a victim of your accusations." 

5. The Slacker
Whenever a task is given to them, they shrug it off. They're masters of the dreaded manyana attitude (from the word mamaya na). Lazy officemates take two-hour lunch breaks then treat their workspace as an extension of their bedroom. It's quite annoying because you get paid the same amount, you're working your ass off, and yet here they are just dozing off till its time to punch out. 
Dealing with them: "Try to subtly inform your boss about this kind behavior. Simply telling your superior about the slacker's everyday work habits simply isn't enough," explains Prof. Precillas. "Your boss needs to see it for himself. By providing him with information, he can observe the slacker co-worker's performance."

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