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5 Ways You Can Use Your Online Time To Earn Cash

Because the Internet is more than just memes and cat videos.
by KC Calpo | Aug 25, 2015
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Internet strength is still shit-poor in these parts. And come on, all of us know what happens next. We connect our devices to that home router or hotspot, and spend as much time as we can goofing off online, crappy connection or not.

That means hours' worth of social media, games, or endless videos of cats until we turn in for the night. Unless doing absolutely nothing in life is your jam, that's countless hours of your valuable time completely wasted. Instead of that happening day in and day out, we say you should turn that around, and convert your online time into extra money.

And there's no need to "ask us how." Here you go, the five ways you can make money on the Internet.

Note: This is just an overview, and you'll need to do supplementary research on whatever method you choose. Good luck!


Thinking of riding that #artisanal, #handmade, and #limitededition train? Now's the time to do so, before it gets baduy. You crafty and artsy types can start makin' and sellin' through popular online marketplaces like Etsy. Post your artwork on Threadless and Society6, and see your creations printed on T-shirts, phone cases, and other accessories. Sites like Cargo and DeviantArt will also showcase your work to a global audience.

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If you prefer to offload your old stuff, OLX and eBay are the go-tos for that task. Remember, they have to be in working condition, and without any extensive internal or external damage. Facebook and Instagram can also be used to showcase old and new products. But please go easy on the hashtags, and on adding Facebook and Instagram users. You may think otherwise, but the truth is those are huge turn-offs.


Just a few years ago, there were few choices for Filipinos who want to say goodbye to office cubicles, stupid and shallow office politics, and everyday traffic. Now, online workers around the country are thriving in multiple online job markets. Freelancer, Upwork (formerly oDesk and Elance), 99designs, and DesignCrowd are well-known job sources, with locally based options Virtual Staff Finder and following closely.

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Wanna go "solo flight"? You can also create your own website, and publish your best work there, with self-promotion falling solely on your shoulders. Another alternative is to go for platforms like Squarespace (this one has e-commerce functionality, too!), or startups such as PortfolioMNL—the latter hooks you up with companies through job listings, and gives you a place to show prospective clients your portfolio.


Yep, you can now do buying/selling/trading stocks at home! Learn the basics before signing up with any trading platform. The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) offers e-learning material on its website, as well as a regular free Stock Market 101 seminar at its HQ in Ortigas Center. Smart Pinoy Investor is also a good online resource.

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COL Financial, BPI Trade, Philstocks LIVE, and First Metro Securities are just some of the trading platforms accredited by the PSE. Check out this 2014 list of accredited online brokers from, and another one from


Blogging is a good option for those who have a wide knowledge of specific topics, excellent writing and research skills, and the ability to explain complex issues in simple terms. As with e-commerce and creating your online portfolio, you can either make your own website with your own domain name and hosting account, or take the free route first with platforms like WordPress or Blogger. Friendly reminder: Always cite your sources, and always make original content!

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Established bloggers (read: those who have organically built their own readership, and are highly regarded in their covered industries) can also do guest blogging, where they write about their areas of expertise on another person or company's blog. It helps promote your work to other online audiences, and the "host" blog can showcase another interesting point of view.

Bloggers also make money through placing ads on their blogs, and through sponsored content.  Look into Google AdSense and Nuffnang Philippines for ad options.

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If you've been blessed with an extra vehicle or room/property to rent out, you can join the growing global sharing economy via Airbnb and Uber. Read Airbnb's primer on hosting, and check out Uber's FAQ page and Partner Signup page for Manila drivers. The Uber Manila Tips blog is a good read as well.

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As with selling stuff, always make sure that the stuff you'll share/rent out is in good working condition. You don't want to become famous online for offering sub-par services/items, right?

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