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Be A Master Wrapper: How To (Properly) Wrap Your Gifts In Only 12 Seconds

Because that gift you painstakingly searched for shouldn't look like wrapped tinapa.
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Dec 18, 2014
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So Christmas is here, and that only means one thing (aside from everything merry, bonuses, and traffic, of course): You’ll have to once again summon your non-existent talent in gift wrapping. All men suffer from it; a small box takes about an hour and a week-long supply of tape to finish—and it still looks like you're giving someone tinapa.

Right, Rowan Atkinson?


Obviously, we're doing something wrong.

Luckily, we've just found this video that can instantly teach us the secret art of wrapping presents–as in ASIAN LEVEL!

In case that was too fast for you, here's a GIF guide to being a master wrapper:

STEP 1:   Put the gift diagonally across a corner of the wrapping paper

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   Fold the wrapping paper around the item, leaving you with two corners of the sheet exposed

STEP 3:  
Twist the remaining corners into triangles. This will leave the item all wrapped up nicely.

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   Tape it up!

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