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Here's To The New You: If You Want Gosling's Physique, Try The Insanity Workout
Remember Ryan Gosling's pandesals in <em>Crazy Stupid Love</em>? Well, this is how he got them.
by Mikey Agulto | Jan 27, 2015
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New You

Welcome to the new you, FHM Nation! 

We've just entered a New Year, and there's no better time to turn things around than now. If you're on the heavier side, now is the time to slim down and bulk up. And if you're a bit on the skinny side, well, you know what to do. In fact, you've always had!

All we're trying to say is that it's never too late to change your body for the better. And our goal is to prove that to you for the whole month of January. Don't lose hope, bros. We're here to help you out!

Of course we want to own a chiseled body and relate to Emma Stone's "It's like you're Photoshopped" remark in Crazy Stupid Love.

Of course we want to discreetly flip our shirts and flaunt our six packs and be a total douchebag about it for once.

Of course we want to know how it feels like to don a sando without being mistaken for a fishball vendor. We want to come out as your time-honored macho gwapito, and we want it fast. Is it too much to ask for both?


Eager to look like Gosling, we familiarized ourselves with the Insanity Workout, since it allegedly promises a Spartan's physique in a mere span of 60 days. In a nutshell, the Insanity Workout leads you through six intense workouts full of jumps, hops, skips, push-ups, and other weight exercises that will leave you lying in a pool of your own sweat.

It accentuates on max interval trainingan exercising method wherein one works out strenuously for three to four minutes followed by a cooling down period of approximately 30 seconds before starting the process all over again. Try the following bits of fitness routines and see if you're indeed ready to become the next feel good weight loss story!


1. Set your feet apart, bend your knees real low, and cross your arms.
2. Jump and have your hands and feet connect up top to form a diamond.
3. Return to your initial position as soon as you hit the floor.
4. Do it repeatedly, go faster, and don't stop for a full minute.

Video via Extreme Fitness Results


1. Start with a slight hop and go down into a squat.
2. As you squat, reach your right foot using your left hand.
3. Return to position, squat, and reach your left foot using your right hand.
4. Continue alternating for a full minute.

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1. Sit down, lift your butt off the floor, and use your arms for leverage.
2. Hold said position and lift your heel up as if you're kicking.
3. Switch up and go faster without losing your balance.
4. Continue alternating for a full minute.

Video via Mary Elizabeth


1. Bring your knees up and run side to side like a football running back.
2. Keep breathing and tighten up your core in the process.
3. Do it repeatedly, go faster, and don't stop for a full minute.

From FHM's August 2013 issue
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