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The Hottest Celebrity BFFs That Are Taking Instagram By Storm

These gals are giving the term 'double-tap' a new meaning
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jan 18, 2018
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Social media apps such as Instagram give us an exclusive preview into the lives of our favorite celebrities. Selfies aside, what we probably enjoy more about their posts is whenever they update us with something more personal—like their bonding moments with friends and loved ones. And our personal favorite is whenever we see two of the scene stealers we follow in one captivating image. When that happens, it's usually time to double-tap!

Here, we've rounded up some of our favorite pairings so far. Now, how we wish could bond with these BFFs in real life someday!

1) Jinri Park and Elisse Joson


The two formed a close bond after exiting from ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother in 2016. According to the FHM cover girl, their friendship happened unexpectedly. In one of their photos, Jinri revealed:  “Not everyday you come across someone you can share your thoughts, feelings and stories with comfortably. Never did I expect us to get along nor become friends in the beginning. Now look at us, after a year we still remain close friends. You are such a strong person and I know this year you will become stronger. To more travels together this year."

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2) Lovi Poe and Heart Evangelista

Both born on February 14, these lovely ladies became close while filming 2011’s Temptation Island. After that, the two became inseparable. When not busy, these Kapuso stars can be usually seen hanging out at Heart’s posh home. Sometimes, Solenn Heussaff joins them, too!


3) Beauty Gonzalez and Bianca King

Beauty and Bianca became BFFs while on the set of ABS-CBN’s Pusong Ligaw. In an interview, Bianca shared how much she treasures her friendship with Beauty. “I love her. And she loves to travel as well. So we just did our first trip recently.” Aside from travelling, the two have been busy being workout buddies!

4) Angel Locsin and Bubbles Paraiso

These athletic and adventurous beauties have been best friends for more than a decade now. Despite their busy schedules, they still make sure that they have time for each other—whether travelling, exercising, or even dining out!

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5) Glaiza De Castro and Angelica Panganiban


Even if they are from rival networks, these two have managed to maintain a great friendship. They celebrated Glaiza’s birthday (and their 15th year of being BFFs) last year, by travelling to their dream destinations, including Nepal where the funny video above was taken.

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