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Instant Pancit Canton Wars: Which Noodles Did We Go Gaga Over?

When all else fails...boil 'er up!
by Khatrina Bonagua | Sep 23, 2016
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All hail the instant pancit canton—the holy grail of dorm occupants and post-basketball buddies, the go-to merienda of corporate slaves and home-alone millennials. You crave for it just like you hunger for that expensive steak, that juicy burger, or thirst for that ice-cold beer. Whether plain, with calamansi, hot and spicy, or whatever weirdly labeled seasoning packet it comes with, one serving just isn't enough.

We all have a favorite brand, but aren't you curious how the others taste like? Well, FHM's hella curious [and hungry] one lazy afternoon, so we tried three of the most-loved brands. Use this as a guide for your next pancit canton partay.

1) Lucky Me! Instant Pancit Canton

Earlier this year, the all-time favorite underwent a makeover—and not everyone was happy about it. The noodles, now a rounded clump, may be flatter, firmer, and a bit bigger than the brick-shaped ones before, but the allotted sauce for each pack stayed the same. That's probably the reason Lucky Me! Instant Pancit Canton kind of tastes bland now. Either you lessen the amount of noodles you'll chow on to make the most of available sauce, or add drops of soy sauce on it while cooking to get the flavor most satisfying to you.

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For our part, we removed a fourth of the noodles, and voila, the old pancit canton taste we love is back—heck, even a lot tastier than before. There must be something new with the sauce that we didn't notice because of the overwhelming amount of pasta before. If three-fourths of a pack isn't satisfying enough, why not have two packs of noodles plus three sauces? Boil an egg for that extra oomph.


2) Nissin Yakisoba

The Japanese-inspired stir-fried noodles tops when it comes to aroma—the smell was so strong and inviting, people in the pantry scrurried to buy some for themselves. The meat and vegetable bits actually don't provide any additional flavor when mixed in, but adds texture that separates the product from its noodle-only colleagues. Its flavor gives a kick enough to wake you up in siesta mode. You know what would make this a more instant specialty—sprinkle it with fried garlic and chili. 

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3) Payless Xtra Big Pancit Canton

When it comes to size, Payless Xtra Big Pancit Canton is the hands-down winner. Buying a pack is like having one and a half of either the first two. It may be the most underrated of the three, but that didn't stop us from feasting on this hunger-buster. The sauce seems to stick to the noodles better than its counterparts, making it tastier, too. Xtra Big costs a bit more, but compensates for value for money. Paired with hot pandesal, we have a new favorite.


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