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5 Easy Hacks To Flatten Clothes If You Don't Have An Iron

To more fuss-free days, gents!
by Charlain Austria | Jul 1, 2016
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So you’re locked up in a tight schedule every single day of your life—always in a rush to go to work. 

Of course, you have to look clean and fresh. (How else are you going to get your office crush's attention?) But you really don’t have a lot of time to iron your clothes. Besides, do you really know how to iron them well? We feel you, bro! And we got you on this. Australia’s best-selling author of Speed Cleaning, Shannon Lush, has five hacks that will free you from ironing your clothes again.

1) The lavender spray method

Spraying your clothes with a lavender fabric softener and water solution (one teaspoon of fabric softener to one cup of water) after your threads have left the washing machine will make creases disappear altogether. “Lavender fabric softener is a fiber relaxant so the creases just drop out. It also helps keep mozzies away,” says Lush. 

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2) Steam them up in the shower

While you're taking a shower, hang your clothes up on the shower rod, so the steam will straighten out the clothes. Make sure the bathroom door is properly closed, so the steam can't escape. It only takes at least 10 to 15 minutes for the steam to un-wrinkle the folds in your clothes.

3) Try the blow-dry method

Dampen the wrinkled areas with water, and then gently blow-dry it on low heat. Hold it about two inches away from your clothing, so it won't overheat the fabric.


4) The "flat out" method

Place your shorts between two towels and press out the wrinkles. First, place a damp towel on a flat surface then lay the shirt on it. Next, lay the other damp towel on the shirt. Press out the wrinkles, and air it out to dry the damp piece of clothing. 

5) Use your dryer

There are two hacks using the dryer.

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First: Toss in your clothes and a handful of ice cubes in to your dryer and put it on a high setting. Let it run for about 15 minutes. It works best when the dryer is not packed with clothes—then wait for the magic to happen. Lush says, “the heat in the dryer will melt the ice cubes, creating steam and the steam will reduce the amount of wrinkles in your clothes.”

Second: Spray water on your clothes so that they are slightly damp, and then put the items in the dryer on low heat setting for about 15 minutes. Instead of spraying water on your clothes, you can also toss a damp sock or a damp towel into the dryer instead, “The water in the towel turns to steam, and that moisture—combined with the tumbling—pulls the wrinkles out of your clothes,” explains Lush. 


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