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Is Mini-Me Man Enough? Find Out In This FHM Man Test!

Let's see how much of a man <em>Austin Powers</em> star Verne Troyer really is.
by FHM UK | Sep 30, 2015
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The former Austin Powers man, Verne Troyer a.k.a. Mini Me, is offering belly-laughs-a-plenty in new British comedy Convenience (it's out in the UK on October 2), but can he ace FHM's world famous "Bloke Test?"

(Ed's note: For those not well-versed in UK-isms, a "Bloke" point means he gave a real man-answer; a "Not Bloke" point suggests otherwise.)

Photo via Verne Troyer's Instagram page

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1)   Have you ever shot a gun?

 Yes. A 22 pistol, and a shotgun when I was younger. I grew up hunting deer, squirrels and rabbits.

2)   Have you ever killed and eaten an animal?

Mostly rabbits. I was brought up to take what you have and make most of it. We raised Rabbits, and sold the meat at the local country market.

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3)   What’s your favourite smell? 

Popcorn’s right up there. Toast. A good BBQ.

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4)   Have you ever thrown a punch and missed?

Probably. When I was in grade school, a kid who was younger than me, but a foot taller, called me the M word. I took offence to it, so I jumped up and punched him in the nose. He started bleeding. He never said the M word again.

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5)   What’s your favourite pizza topping?

Hawaiian style. It’s kinda sweet – a good mixture. I like the sweet and savoury.

6)   How many seconds can you leave food on the floor before you can’t eat it?

5 second rule. I did it last night with a piece of chicken. If it’s mac and cheese then it’s a no – that’s staying there. You try to catch it, but when it falls, just be dignified and leave it.

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7)   Have you ever twerked?

No. That’s not a manly thing. I don’t think any dance is manly – apart form the Snoop Dogg bop.

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8)   What was the last movie to scare the crap out of you?

The first Paranormal Activity. That was freaky. Watching someone getting dragged away is scary.

9)   What body parts have you got pierced?

I’ve got my earring, and that’s it. I don’t even like talking about it, but imagine getting the prince albert. It’s so stupid. I’ve met people who’ve had it – but no, I haven’t seen it.

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10)   Have you ever tucked your penis between your legs and pretended to be a girl?

My good friend, who I used to do stunt work with, did it to me. He showed me it and I had to run away from the house. Stunt people like their wild times.

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11)   What sort of manly nicknames have you had in your life?

Schmer. It’s a term I came up with for a small person. ‘Look at that Schmer.’ But in a good way. Everyone calls me that.

12)   Do you own any multicoloured jeans?

Only black and blue jeans. Steve Aoki gave me a pair of red ones. Ask me if I wear them? No.

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13)   Have you ever cried when people from broken homes sing on The X Factor?

No. I’ve been impressed by how many young people—5 year olds—who have so much talent. I’m touched by sob stories, but it’s about the music for me.

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14)   Have you ever successfully stared someone out?

No. Only once has someone started a real fight with me – I was talking to a dude’s girlfriend at a bar and he got angry. Someone escorted him out.

15)   Have you ever taken a girl out with a voucher or discount code?

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No. But if you can’t afford it, feel free. There’s nothing wrong with it.

Final score: 10/15

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