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It's Mental Awareness Week!

<p>How else do we celebrate the Mental Awareness Week but by learning about mental health?</p>
| Oct 9, 2009
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It's Mental Awareness Week starting on October 10, which is when the planet celebrates World Mental Health Day. It’s high time to get you up to speed with the common types of mental illnesses. Why, you ask? Well, you’ll never know when you’ll need the skill to be able to tell if you’re officemate is just weird or suffering from a real mental disorder. Besides, it’s always good to know.

Anxiety Disorders
Tell-tale signs: Wonder why your friend fears or dreads an object or situation that usually doesn’t elicit such a response from the general public? It may be a sign that your friend has some sort of anxiety disorder. Basically this can be confirmed if a person’s response to a certain thing or event is way out of the ordinary, and in such a way that he or she doesn’t have full control over that response. Panic attacks sound familiar? It sounds harmless enough that we might find his reactions hilarious, but once it interferes with normal functioning, that’s when it turns bad.
Kinds: General anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and several types of phobias.
Famous personalities to have been affected: Sigmund Freud, father of modern psychiatry, suffered from a moderate case of panic disorder.

Mood Disorders
Tell-tale signs: People with mood disorders are those people who experience either radical fluctuations between extreme happiness and extreme sadness OR those people who cycle between long, seasonal periods of intense misery and joy. If your moody girlfriend doesn’t make her an immediate example. You might be driving her nuts.
Kinds: Depression (extreme sadness), Mania (extreme happiness), Bipolar disorder (fluctuations between extreme sadness and happiness)
Famous personalities to have been affected: Painter Vincent Van Gogh and composer Ludwig Van Beethoven had bipolar disorder.

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