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How To Use Jaclyn Jose's Cannes Expression In Everyday Life

Philippine cinema’s ‘Queen of Underacting’ just gave us the most emotional clip of the year
by John Paulo Aguilera | May 23, 2016
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Much has been said about Maria Isabel Lopez and her scene-stealing ways at the 69th Cannes Film Festival.

However, it was actress Jaclyn Jose who made a cinematic mark in the prestigious international gala after becoming its first Filipino Best Actress winner, for her performance as a drug-peddling, impoverished mother in Ma 'Rosa.

Known for her expressionless yet effective brand of acting (hence the tag "Queen of Underacting"), it was a refreshing sight when the mother of our May 2016 Cover Girl, Andi Eigenmann, broke out that shocked look on her face upon learning of her historic triumph.

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And to demonstrate how big of a deal a Jaclyn Jose show of emotion is, we've listed 10 everyday life situations in which her priceless sigh of relief are quite applicable.

1)  When you can finally stop holding your breath after passing by a badly polluted part of the metro

2)  When 20 stores later, your lady finally decides on a dress she wants to buy

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3)  When your cheap burger isn't all bread and has more ground beef than you expected

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4)  When you're stuck in traffic and about to come in late but your favorite song comes on the radio

5)  Whenever Ginebra wins a game

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  When you're out all day under the sun and your armpit still smells fine

7)  When you're standing inside an extremely cramped bus for as long as you can remember and the seated person near you alights

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8)  When the most annoying person in your social circle leaves

9)  When the Philippine vice presidential race gets sorted out

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10)  When you're finished with your first draft and you hit the "Send" button in your email


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