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Behind-The-Scenes At Jinri Park's Sizzling Cover Shoot

Calling all Jinjas! She's back!
by Chise Alcantara | Jul 2, 2017
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Jinri Park is back on FHM's cover and we can’t be happier to see her again.

Jinri has been a mainstay in the magazine ever since she made her debut in 2011. She's consistently been voted into our 100 Sexiest list each year since then because of her huge fanbase that can’t seem to get enough of her.

Through the years, the name Jinri Park has become a household name for most FHM fans. Yet despite her exposure in mainstream television and web shows, commercials, and magazines, only a few close people know what she’s actually like.

"I'm actually quite the introvert so I had a hard time being always around people because I need my space. In the beginning [of Pinoy Big Brother], I [didn't get] along with people and it looked like I was really sad and depressed, which was probably why I got nominated all the time, ha ha!"

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Before people got to watch her on PBB, most of her fans have never gotten to know this side of Jinri. They've always viewed her as bubbly and cute, comparable to most K-pop idols in Korea, which made this revelation of her reclusive personality a shock to most of her fans and her housemates.

"People actually thought that I was a party-going extrovert na always with guys. At first, siyempre, they found me weird and antisocial, but as they got to know me, they understood where I was coming from."

Having worked with her in the past, we've always noticed that Jinri was the quiet type. Even though she's usually shy at first, she'll eventually warm up and pull through by the end of the shoot, producing the stunning photos we share with you guys.

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We've always known that Jinri had this talent for modeling and we could always count on her to deliver, but as you can probably tell, this particular cover was different. We've never seen her exude this type of quiet-confidence that could only come from years of experience. "I've become more comfortable with who I am and my body. This is my body and I'm confident in my own skin. Being sexy is a part of who I am as an artist and I've embraced it."

With each layout, Jinri unraveled more of this newfound self even more. We were finally seeing Jinri in full bloom—no costume, no fluff, no inhibitions. This is Jinri Park, raw, bolder, and wiser.

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You've never seen a Jinri Park as sexy as what's inside our July issue, but because we want to give you the best value possible, we included not one, not two, but a hundred of the sexiest women in the world right now with our FHM's 100 Sexiest 2017 list.

Also in this month's issue, live a day in the life of vlogge Cha Ocampo as she gets some vitamin sea in her bikini as our Verge Babe. Want to incorporate some culture into your life? Then why not head over to the theater and know more about how the stage could be the next big thing to look out for. Still confused about what’s really going on with Marawi? Read about how we investigated what really went down and people and events that started this mess.

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All these and more in our jampacked July issue!

FHM July 2017, which comes with the 100 Sexiest Women in the World supplement, is available in supermarkets, convenience stores, newsstands, and bookstores nationwide!

You can score digital copies through the FHM app on Apple App Store ( and on Google Play (, Buqo, and the Summit Media Newsstand (!

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Photography Eve Baswel


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