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Does Daniel Matsunaga’s Stunning Girlfriend Look Like Erich Gonzales?

Karolina Pisarek is a model whose ravishing beauty is quite unique
by Khatrina Bonagua | May 30, 2018
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It was in October of last year when news about Daniel Matsunaga’s new girlfriend, Karolina Pisarek, trended online.

Because of Matsunaga’s highly-publicized break up with Erich Gonzales, netizens couldn’t help but compare the Kapamilya actress with his present flame. Some reports even claim that Gonzales and Pisarek are lookalikes.

Matsunaga refused to comment on the issue until earlier this week, when he was interviewed by during a recently concluded fashion show.

“She doesn't! Totally different!” he said when they asked if he agrees that Pisarek looks like Gonzales.

Additionally, Matsunaga also shared how proud he is of his girlfriend. “She’s also part of showbiz in Poland. She’s very famous. Everywhere we go, people want to take pictures with her. There’s paparazzi everywhere even when we’re just walking the street,” he shared.

Pisarek was a runner-up in Poland's version of reality TV series America's Next Top Model (2015). The five-foot-eight-inches stunner was just 17 years old when she joined the competition.


Matsunaga  met 19-year-old Pisarek last year when she went to the country for an advertising campaign last 2017. They dated and became exclusive in October of the same year. As of writing, the two are happily in a long-distance relationship. Pisarek has various modelling gigs all around the world, but Matsunga hopes that one day, she’ll join him here in the Philippines.  

If you ask us, we actually can't see any resemblance to Erich. Pisareque has her own special kind of beauty, which the modelling industry obviously recognized. Check out more of her photos below and decide for yourself.

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