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Keep your bar loaded!

<p>The essential drinks, mixers, and tools for happy hour right at home!</p>
| Jan 22, 2010
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You don't really need a reason to keep your bar well-stocked now, do you? [firstpara]
We understand the added effort, not to mention the expense, that comes with building a decent stash. But remember, a well-stocked bar will cushion you from long days of deadlines, bosses, and bills.

And on good days, it'll serve as a launch pad for many a merry moment with your mates and your lady. Think of it as you would an emergency kit. It's always comforting to know someone (or in this case something) has your back.

These are the magic seven that you must have in hand:

  1. Rum. A shot of, with cola and you're good to go. Strength varies from 80 to 150 proof.
  2. Vodka. Colorless and odorless, this drink from Russia makes a good base for cocktails and mixers. A sure hit with the girls! 80 proof
  3. Gin. The spirit that made Martinis possible! Like vodka, gin can go with just about anything. 80 proof
  4. Scotch. Generally speaking, Scoth is still Whisky. What makes Scotch Scoth are tow things. First, its origin: it must be from Scotland and aged 3 years at the very least! And second, it's base must be made from malt. But here's an interesting point: what's the difference between whiskey and whisky?
  5. Brandy. Distlled from grape wine and bottled at 80 proof. Another trivia: Cognac is Brandy except it came from the Cognac region of France.
  6. Non-alcoholic drinks. As in fruit juices, sodas, tonic water. Apart from having something to offer your guests who are non-drinkers, these will give you something to work with for your mates and your lady friends.
  7. Beer Perhaps the most basic drink group of the lot. Always have a six-pack ready, for solo night caps, DVD marathons, and the like.

Remember, whether you're just about to build your stash or you're currently rebuilding it, beer never fails and keep in mind the holy three: Rum, Vodka, Gin.

Now, your stash will mean nothing if you don't have the right tools with which to play them. The following tools will make the promised good times easier to achieve:

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  1. bottle opener. You probably have one already, just make sure it's presentable to your guests.
  2. bar spoon. Will make mixing drinks a lot more fun than borrowing your mother's wooden spoon.
  3. tin can. Also known as the mixing tin. This will help you achieve that Cocktails and Dreams vibe.
  4. strainers. Some drinks are not meant to be served with ice. We know this may be a wee bit too professional, so consider this optional. You can always empty your freezer and take the long way down.
  5. towels Stock up on towels and mats because a well-equipped bar is bound to make a pretty mess.
  6. ice. A good number is 3 bags for every bottle of spirit.


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