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What It Was Like Shooting 'Kim Domingo: State Of Undress'

Two of the photo book's photographers share their insights about the sultry FHM cover girl
by FHM Staff | Jul 23, 2017
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Ejay Leung and Paolo Pineda are no strangers to the industry of sexy shoots. Both are regular photographers for FHM, having executed countless editorials and cover stories for both print and online. Their creativity was integral in putting together Kim Domingo: State of Undress, as different aesthetics were needed for the specific sections of the book. 

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In order to have a better understanding of what it was like to capture these provocative images of Kim, the two lensmen reveal their experience of working withe one of the country's most popular sex symbols. 

What was special about shooting Kim Domingo?

Ejay: Her persona. She had no quirks about herself. She was confident with who she was. She knew she was sexy inside and out and that she could deliver any role I asked her to do.

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Paolo: I think its her sex appeal and her confidence. It's not difficult to shoot someone who is naturally sexy.

What persona did she need to deliver for your specific section of the book and how did you draw that out from her?

E: She had to be an ultimate tease. I needed her to be a naughty girl. I spoke to her a lot and gave her scenarios to get in to the mood.

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P: I had her tap into her inner sensuality. We wanted to have that classic Hollywood glamour a la Sophia Loren and i think we were able to achieve it.  

Were there any challenges?

E: Yes , my challenge while shooting Kim was worrying how I would choose from the hundreds of photos I took of her. She has no bad angles and I loved shooting her.

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When it comes to setting up a shoot of a sexy or sensual nature, what techniques do you employ to get better results?

E: Getting to know the subject before shooting, keeping her comfortable at all times, and making her feel secure (and not violated). It's a must to keep the mood very light and I always compliment the model to boost her confidence, not that kim needed any. I talk to the model a lot to get her in the mood. I play music that will make them feel relaxed. When I talk to them, I always make sure to maintain eye contact.

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P: You need to fall in love with your subject even for the day. You need to set things up to feel as if you are involved with each other. 

Which of Kim’s body parts did you find the most interesting? Which of her features struck you the most?

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E: Her eyes. She had one of the most alluring sets of eyes. Her lips are very nice as well, especially when she gives those teasing smiles.

What do you think is so seductive about Kim Domingo?

E: Her personality above all. She has this carefree attitude that makes her so sexy. 

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P: Her ability to transform from girl next door to 100 sexiest finalist in an instant. Her innate sex appeal, coupled with her spellbinding body are just the perfect tools for stardom. 

If there was something you could change about the shoot, what else would you have done to make it even better?

E: I wish I had the chance to get to know her more before shooting her for this book. Photos always come out better when the subject and the photographer are a bit more close.

P: If I could change anything, I would ask for more days and more shootswith Kim Domingo.

To see more of Kim Domingo, grab a copy of Kim Domingo: State of Undress, available in bookstores and newsstands nationwide for just P250. 

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