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We Found Emma Stone's Doppelganger And She's Cute As Hell

La la look at that!
by Khatrina Bonagua | Feb 28, 2017
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ICYMI: Hollywood actress Emma Stone won Best Actress for her role in La La Land during yesterday’s 89th Academy Awards. Meanwhile, here at FHM HQ, we also felt like winners, for we discovered a Filipina-version of the award-winning thespian thanks to social media.

Everyone, meet Maria Teresa Angela Santos. Essa for short.

Essa is a 26-year-old Business Development Manager. She graduated from Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan with a bachelor's degree in AB Philosophy.

When asked if she gets the Emma Stone-lookalike comments a lot, Essa shares, “The first time someone told me that I look like Emma was right around the time they released Crazy, Stupid, Love. A friend loosely mentioned it. It was a crazy, stupid opinion, but I loved it anyway, cause if not for the pale skin and the unconventionally-sized eyes, we absolutely look nothing alike.”

She adds: “I feel extremely flattered that there's actually more than one person who thinks I look like her. I've never been the best at receiving compliments—I get all flustered every time and I end up blurting out stupid stuff like, ‘I've honestly no cash to spare right now, but that was a good attempt.’ But on a more serious note, I'm definitely blown away every time and my ego gets a fair boost, but I don't think too much of it. Again, she's way too gorgeous!” 

But with her expressive eyes and flawless skin—top it off with her infectious sense of humor— there’s no doubt that she’ll definitely pass as Emma Stone’s Filipina twin.

See for yourself:

“I'm a pretty average, albeit casually eccentric girl and never did I think I'd end up being noticed like this. I'm flattered, but if anything, I'm even more thankful that I got the chance to express my thoughts as well! It's one thing to be noticed because of how you look, but it's a whole different level if you're given the chance to speak and be more than just a face,” Essa shares.

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Does she look like Emma Stone?

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