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Yaya Dub's Day Off: Maine Mendoza's Bikini Pics Are On Fire

We're just glad that Alden isn't in any of these photos!
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 3, 2016
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The word pabebe has been synonymous with actress and TV host Maine Mendoza for quite some time now.

But you know, just like our dear president’s favorite line “Change is coming,” change has indeed come to our favorite pabebe  girl, who recently posted some smokin' bikini pics while on vacation.

Let's just say that we're loving this change. Wave goodbye to the Maine that was, and say hello to a sultirier Yaya Dub.

First off, here’s Maine's teasing us with her sexy back:

Here she is enjoying a swim.

We feel you. We badly want to see a close-up photo, too.

Good thing, we stumbled upon her tagged photos and found what everyone is looking for.

Here’s Maine looking at ya:

Now, here's a closer look at that OOTD:

We'd do anything to be the one beside her...

And here's a collage if the pictures above are not enough for ya.

Maine, where do you put all those isaw that you eat during Eat Bulaga!? Seriously, you’re FHM ready!

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